Moving Forward – US Election Results Through The Eyes of An Oracle


Moving Forward — The US Election Results Through The Eyes of an Oracle
by CS Sherin

Wild Clover is about living a creative life with courage and intuitive intelligence, to live life differently, making what you do an art, a part of your heartbeat, and with your own unique gifts, skills, and experience rooting you in how you move forward. Part of this creativity for me is using symbols as tools to connect with inner and collective wisdom, insight, and perspective.

I have decided to share the faerie card spread I did this morning with all, for perspective on this upending day after the US election results. This deck was created by Brian Froud, an artist who worked on two Jim Henson movies, Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, and the deck was written by wise faerie muse, Jessica Macbeth. I discovered it six years ago, and it was published 16 years ago by Simon & Schuster. It is a lovely deck of great depth and beautiful holistic creative purpose. My focus in this spread has to do with the election results: what is happening and where do we go from here for the best path? Here is what the spread contains:

Card #1: Death reversed. If it weren’t reversed it would speak of great change, endings, and new life. Reversed it is saying that needed change is being thwarted by clinging to what is no longer working. The changes we are experiencing seem unwanted and forced, yet we have to let go of all that is not working anymore in order to make progress into a better place of growth and development. There may be change we don’t want, but it is important to move forward with a willing heart. The author suggests a meditation of breathing in truth and breathing out “not truth.” She also encourages us to look to the future, no matter how terrifying, rather than clinging to the past. We need to participate and not hang back.

Card #2: As soon as Death reversed mentions working on moving forward into the future Faeries of the Future show up! Perfectly flowing, they are. Faeries of the Future encourage us to be present and move forward. This card invites us to trust our gut feelings, but only if we are grounded in reality, or to follow someone else who has this rooted wisdom in their belly. Other key phrases from this card: pregnant with possibilities, rooted in the present, move forward or get dragged along, co-create, use realistic and practical steps to create the future you want, a time to step forward boldly–alone or with like-minded companions.

Card #3: Epona’s Wild Daughter reversed. Basically she will hold us where we are, not letting us move forward, until we realize what is “buried within us that is holding us back.” Answers are found within, from dreams, from other people. Difficult questions and answers come forward that are linked to our own eventual transformation. This card can also be linked to nightmares, depression, and growth. When we have a nightmare it is best to realize that the nightmare is alerting us to something really important that we need to pay attention to and understand. Also, we can re-enter our nightmares via mindful meditation and visualization in order to find answers and transform the nightmare into something more empowering and healing. Because this card is reversed, the card is saying what is buried is DEEPLY buried, and this is going to be a long process.

Card #4: Lys of the Shadows. This card is about the first frail and vulnerable steps taken to begin healing and asking for help from traumas, addictions, and other darkness. The author writes that Lys is the “patron faery of social workers, therapists, healers, and all who try to help alcoholics, drug addicts and other souls caught in darkness…or who were abused by those who should have protected them.” I would say this faerie is also the patron faery of lost causes, and may sometimes hang out with Saint Jude. The aim here is to rebuild self-respect and esteem, to begin a healing process. Lys seems to agree with the previous card, that this is a beginning to a lengthy process. The hope offered from the card: Something that seems forever lost can now begin to heal. Hope is present, and there is a great need for kindness and practicality.

What I take from the cards is that the future is calling on us to act and move forward, there is something deeply buried that we need to face in order to begin to truly move forward to find movement for co-creation, healing, and growth. I think that either Hillary or Trump has energy to instigate deep and painful processes. If Hillary was elected, Trump voters were talking about taking to the streets with guns for a civil war. Now that Trump is president, it is not the same, but still feels cataclysmic.

Dr. Cornel West wrote an insightful article about the two candidates and the challenges we face, that I would recommend: “Spiritual Black Out” by Dr. Cornel West

Divine Harmony also wrote about this election from an astrological and spiritual perspective. Her writing about this is quite in-depth, insightful, and challenging–in a good way, I think. “Post Election Musings” by Divine Harmony

UPDATE: I was looking back at this post today. Today is September 7th, 2017, and while wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes rage–I would like to add the following article to the list of what to understand about the results of our last presidential election. It is called, “The First White President” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and it is quite an important read that definitely clarifies what was buried deep and what will take a long time to overcome and progress away from.


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