Wild Clover News: Recipe For A Green Life to be Released, and Four Ways to Process Complexity & Stress Creatively

Wild Clover News: Recipe For A Green Life to be Released, and
Four Ways to Process Complexity & Stress Creatively

by CS Sherin, WildClover.org
October 12, 2016
updated: 10/19/2016

It has been a good long while since I have checked in.
It is exciting to tell you that there is a good reason for this!
I am in the process of finalizing the editing for my new book, Recipe For A Green Life!
Recipe For A Green Life is over 300 pages of in-depth information and recipes for growing a Green life, with over 230 citations to support that information via facts, supporting evidence, and substantial resources to explore!

Me, recently working into the night to verify the 230+ citations for the new book!

I will be putting out word when the book is ready to be released, you can count on that!
And, you must know, I feel like I won the lottery as far as finding an editor for the book goes! This is because I am working with Charish Badzinski (a.k.a The Rollerbag Goddess), and I couldn’t have imagined working with a more brilliantly talented person. I am fortunate to know her, and it is simply magic that we both share this ongoing passion for the Green life and are able to work together at this time. If you don’t know Charish, she is a prolific travel writer, editor, and all-around gifted professional and great human. It is exciting and an honor to be able to collaborate with her!

Stay tuned for more news on this!
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And check out the new page here, for Recipe For A Green Life, to learn more about it.
So, that is the big news here at Wild Clover, and why I have been scarce from posting.
If you miss my photography posts, please connect with me on Instagram for the in-between times. I would love to meet you there!

It is really challenging to find a way to process all the many things going on in this world in a way that is most healthy and still engaged and responsible. From the environmental activism going on at Standing Rock and the devastation in Haiti to the surreal and deeply disturbing Presidential run and the killings of African Americans by police officers, and EVERY thing personal and collective in between–Wow! Holy god/dess, bless us all with the wisdom and energy to navigate our lives in the best ways possible.
I have been stretched, pressed, and heart put to the fire with all of it, just like everyone else. And, I have some important practices to share that have been helpful to me of late, besides music and dancing to music. Since there is a full moon coming up this Saturday, it is prime time to begin creative processes to let go of energy that is not needed anymore, and to call into mind and heart all that is good and working, that we must never lose sight of.


First, a wise and intuitive friend of mine, Karina, recommended to me a free recording of an evening energy evaluation mediation by Caroline Myss. After I listened to it once with my husband before we went to sleep, I found that was all the impetus I needed to do an energy evaluation in a similar manner on my own before going to sleep each night. This has been immensely helpful in consciously delineating the energy I choose to carry with me, and all that I wish to transform or let go of. This also is an effective tool for giving time and dreams more efficiency, rather than wasting energy thinking and dreaming on aspects that could have easily been swept up before going to sleep! So, that helped and helps, and I recommend it.

Second, in walking through personal grief and also in dealing with all the collective energies, I recognized a deep feeling of alienation from this culture and world in some big and real ways, despite a deep love and feeling of reverence for life, animals, the Earth, my allies, and our place in the universe. So, I took some breaks from work, here and there, to do four essential practices to deal with the intense emotions and dynamics we are all in the midst of, in the best ways I could find:

1. Space to be still, clear away thoughts, breathe, meditate, and allow emotions to rise up and be released. Within that space, being open to receive insight and spiritual support. I was able to recognize and release some grief. I was able to connect with a wise spiritual support in my mind’s sacred imagination, and recognize the need to make time for non-mental activities like painting around the house when I can. And, a lot of anxiety and heart-ache for the world was cleared away in favor of a deeper peace and inner knowing.

2. Movement without over-engaging in thinking. Mindfully unplugging from thoughts, in order to restore body wisdom and recharge. Taking back my power. I do this in three ways: a walk with the little dog, 10-20 minutes of yoga, and hula-hooping with a 4 pound hula-hoop, a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

3. Dream journaling and processing with community and a close friend. In doing my dream work I find that some of the most important work I am doing is coming from the dream level, the subconscious, and superconscious level. And it happens while I am busy doing many other things, unaware. It unfolds with stunningly powerful wisdom and deep beauty in my being and relationships–and moreso– because I am most willing and agreeable to it! I take my dreams seriously, and that commitment does not disappoint!

4. Doing a brief creative writing of my thoughts and feelings, after processing, to share with others. It is important to share publicly after doing the personal processing, so it gets to the heart of it without random issues getting in the way. I did a quick post via Instagram that expressed the feelings of alienation and how I made peace with it.

After doing these things, I realized that I have been working like a machine to get the book ready. I really can work like an android when I want to. This is good and bad. It is great to have energy to work and a work ethic. It is bad to treat one’s self or any human as a machine. The balance between work, self-care, and relationship to primary loved ones (for me, a husband and daughter) is a fine-tuned dance and a trick of ever-changing balance. It requires mindful actions, values, and choices. I am not a machine, and have decided to work, play, and conduct myself as a being with a really exciting work life that needs to be in balance with health and family.

In a broader sense, a big realization came in discerning tricky ethics and dynamics because of the shady actions in the world around us. What I learned this past week, again, is that the most important means of maintaining health in this political climate is to take back personal power. Do not give it away via emotional distress at what others choose, reactivity, poor mental/emotional boundaries, or any other form of negative drain to your vitality, in relation to the world at large and those close to you. Maintain and make sustainable, your own personal power and unique creative being, voice, and activities. Unplug from energy that would stifle, hurt, or mute that. Maintaining your core energy and the gifts, voice, and skills that go with them is the most effective and powerful thing you can do to make a difference in this world. That is all.

Back to work for me now.
Thank you for being here, for listening to me for a bit,
and for visiting my little spot in our Internet universe here.
Be kind to yourself.
Enjoy the full moon.
Stay tuned for more updates here this Fall!

All my best,


CS Sherin | Wild Clover 2016©

Medicine Wheel image courtesy of John Hain:Pixabay.
Adapted Earth image courtesy of NASA public domain images.


3 thoughts on “Wild Clover News: Recipe For A Green Life to be Released, and Four Ways to Process Complexity & Stress Creatively

  1. Such a wonderful post, and such exciting movement! I am so proud and humbled to accompany you on this journey and assist you with this important project! Thank you for your trust in me!

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