Beyond the Division. Unify. Choose to be the Change. Awaken Compassion.

Beyond the Division. Unify. Persevere. Process the Feelings. Breath. Act Creatively. Choose to be the Change. Awaken Compassion.
by CS Sherin
Minor edits at 4:33 pm central time

Holy inner peace! Yesterday was a day of intense and overwhelming energies. A lot of it felt stressful, scary, and terribly heart breaking. Today it is so windy here. Movement, shifts, the winds of changing patterns, the winds of change are here.

The astrological energy, for the month of July, at least one big over-arching influence is – a lot of planets in water signs. This means depths of emotions of all kinds going on this month. Think of all the forms of water and the ways water is held, flows, stagnates or moves. This is a symbol for emotions and feelings, unconscious and conscious. I personally have a lot of air and fire in my birth chart. This means that I am more comfortable with raw energy for passion and action (fire) and also more comfortable reasoning out feelings. Water is also in my chart, but I do feel discomfort when they overwhelm me. Generations of humans alive today have not been taught how to process emotions in a healthy and productive way. So, we are seeing a lot of ugly and bad stuff. To healthfully and productively process difficult emotions, creativity is needed. So, know that for this month feelings of all kinds are what we are all dealing with – at all levels, shapes and forms. Use music, art, creative expression, Nature, therapy as methods to healthfully process, and encourage others too as well.

Feelings are not right or wrong. They are natural responses to life. They are not who we are, just as our thoughts are not WHO we are. The only time a feeling becomes “wrong” is when it is used to hurt self or others in some way. Responsibility for our own emotions is essential. Realizing we are not responsible for other people’s emotions is also essential. If I am angry I must find a way to express that anger in a way that is productive and healthy – in a way that isn’t haphazardly, blindly, covertly, or manipulative lashing out. I am responsible for how I express my anger. I am also responsible for letting it go in the way that is most helpful and healthy for me – maybe over time, and at the right times. Maybe that is through writing, walking in nature, talking it out (within reason and in appropriate context, with appropriate person/people), and other forms of communication and creativity that allow me to release difficult feelings in ways that heal and make me more whole. Feelings can be hidden and can rise suddenly from the unconscious and confuse or hurt us and others. Feelings can be the fuel we need to make important changes for the better. There is a necessity that we learn to discipline our feelings, in that, we cannot regress into throwing tantrums and manipulating in order to get our way or to feel safe or loved –  as a misguided toddler might. We must face our feelings and take responsibility for what we do with them. We must let others be responsible for their own. And hold them to it, when appropriate. This is an awareness to hold for this month. For self and for all others we interact with, witness, and hear about.

The murder of Black Americans by police officials is being exposed by our ability to film events. This is both devastating and critical for the necessary change that needs to happen now.

Anyone celebrating murder, discrimination, harm, violence or the like is not an ally, but a profoundly dysfunctional being.
Perhaps the person that does this has a history that made them that way, or not. Regardless of reason for the darkness, it is not representative of all in any category, except in the category of self-proclaimed hate groups. And then there are those that revel in talking about such things in order to create more disharmony. Like maggots on a carcass, really. It is not where or how anyone decent wants to spend their precious time in life.

We don’t want to see or hear or know how ugly and mentally ill things have gotten. Yet, we have to. No living being should ever be murdered without question, trial, or opportunity to be represented. No one. Alton Sterling was a criminal. He did bad things. No doubt about it. That never means that he deserved to die, even when/if he resisted arrest! Even then, he had a right to be alive! It was obvious by the filming (which I can’t watch, but read thoroughly about) that he was restrained and unable to move when he was murdered point-blank. He was a living being with a born right to humane treatment, an opportunity to be represented, and a fair trial. He was not doing anything criminal when the officers approached him. The officers who murdered him are criminals now. They must be held accountable for that crime, regardless of Mr. Sterling being a criminal with a substantial record. Former President George Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney are war criminals and guilty of crimes against humanity. They were never held accountable. The bankers were never held accountable.

First Nation people, Black Americans, and every other minority, women, LGBT, those in poverty all experience this absolute corruption of power that murders and seeks to destroy those who are different in various forms. Also, a lot of people experience this same predatory behavior within races, genders, creeds, class, etc. We are all related. We are all family. However, all of those facts do not change that Black Lives Matter! There is a severe and criminal institutional racism acting as a sort of genocide to Black Americans via executions and incarcerations mainly. This cannot be ignored. Like tons of other humans, I have compassion and heart for all living beings. I care about all of these issues. I speak up whenever I can and however I am able. I am a survivor of poverty, and a childhood that witnessed all forms of abuse and experienced a few. I am not coming at this with naive eyes or with rose-colored glasses. In fact, I have given up hope repeatedly. But have never given up completely.

I do live in fear of safety, at times, as a woman. However, I do not live in continuous fear of not knowing whether I or my loved ones could be executed point-blank at any moment. That is the reality. That is why Black Lives Matter is a thing. It is real. And First Nation (Native Americans) have not taken offense at this, from what I have seen and heard. They also have experienced this and continue to experience this extreme abuse, neglect, oppression, and genocide attempts – and, recognize the importance of Black Lives Matter. Idle No More, the First Nation equivalent to Black Lives Matter was created in tandem with Black Lives Matter, and in harmony with it. I do not experience it. I have experienced other hardships and do face other challenges. This does not discount my experiences. I walk along in solidarity, but I cannot speak for a Black American facing this reality. I can demand justice. And I can use my voice as support and friendship.

In addition to the social, racial, class, and gender violence and hatred we face, environmental activists around the world are being murdered for protecting the Earth and her resources as well. Most are indigenous people. Genocide survivors are seeking justice throughout the world. And, animals (other living beings on this planet) are kept in holocaust-like conditions and killed in like manner.

Fact is, we are a planet in complete and profound systemic crisis. Great change is inevitable — and the only way that we find hope in such a state. Unfortunately, life on this planet means that with every change there is gain and loss. Fortunately, on this planet, we can change things still, and there are millions, if not billions, of people who want peace and equity for all life. Millions upon millions across the country do support Bernie Sanders, case and point, despite media black outs.

Also, while we become more and more aware of the utterly criminal and intolerable level of abuses going on, we must remember that there is a countless amount of goodness in motion as well. I know deep down in my being that the Goodness of Nature and our true being is so much more powerful and victorious than the cacophony of destruction we see before us and in our midst.

I respect good people in positions of power and authority. Totally! There is nothing more heartening and inspiring! I abhor corrupt, divisive, greedy, power-hungry, abusive, mentally ill, dysfunctional leadership in any position of power and authority. The fact is, predators and the corrupt will always seek positions of power and authority such as being: a teacher, police officer, soldier, politician, banker, doctor, religious leader, military leader, etc. Wherever there is a position of power over others, sick and morally bankrupt people will want to get in there. And good-hearted people too often run on the assumption that those positions of authority are unquestionably honorable and always with integrity. And even more naive people think that it is an abomination to cast any doubt or investigation onto those “heroes”. Truly, a good and ethical person in any of those roles can be and is a hero. And there are! However, this isn’t total reality. We are in a sea of corruption from top to bottom in this country, and in this world. There is a lot to face, change, call out, and act on from a perspective of ethics, morals, and humane action.

Philando Castile was killed by a police officer near St. Paul, MN. He was with his girlfriend and little girl. He was doing absolutely nothing wrong. He told the officer he was getting the ID that the officer had just asked him for. He was murdered right then and there. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, knew that she had to document what was happening. She knew that the officer had to know that he was not a criminal and worked for a school in order to try to get humane treatment. She knew that filming was the only power she had in the situation to act for ethics, morals, and change. Philando was beloved by hundreds of children for the kind of person he was. That officer, Jeronimo Yanez (a Latino officer), murdered Philando, criminally so. He must be held accountable. This senseless, criminal, and brutal abuse of power left us all heartbroken and angry. My heart goes out to Philando’s parents, child, girlfriend, and all who loved him. It is a violence that changes everyone.

Then, last night, police officers and peaceful protestors banded together in unity in Dallas. Many people documented on social media how the officers were acting in friendship and warmth with the protestors, a lot of Black Lives Matter. And also was documented how utterly peaceful the protest was. Then snipers opened fire from above. And, the officers ran to protect the protestors, and the protestors, black, white and otherwise all worked together to shield and protect each other. Whoever did the shooting, they were not a voice for officers or the protestors. Here is an article that illustrates this part of it clearly: How Protestors Actually Helped the Dallas Police.

And now, today, in Missouri and Georgia, police officers have been shot.

You know what the problem with war is? Good people get killed. And good people are on both “sides”. And, good people get caught in the cross fires. Good people experience traumas and losses that change them forever. People that are “bad” are people who have not experienced or been given what they need in order to feel compassion, empathy, abundance, unconditional love, and generosity. And, during war, those in power protect themselves over all else. Whether this is a new civil war or a new awakening or both, we are seeing right now the emotional fall-out from decades of hidden corruption, abuses, attempted genocide, and murders. Violence is not the answer. Sniping is not the answer. We are facing big changes on all levels. Our environment, our systems and structures of living, the way we treat Nature and other living beings, ourselves, and so on.

Bernie “Birdie” Sanders is my hero. In a world so bleak and pained. In a society drowning in corrupt karma. He is a human of integrity, strength, perseverance, wisdom, goodness, and practical faith. Bernie Sanders, who was recently booed by the DNC for saying,“The goal isn’t to win elections, the goal is to transform America.” Wow. This is the sort of absolute corruption we face at the most dire time for survival. And Bernie Sanders is right! He is the voice of the true heart of this land and people. For the sane and compassionate. For peace and justice. For transparency and ethical integrity that walks the talk tirelessly.

I offer this reflection in light of all of this:

The divisions are illusions. The hatred and emotional manipulations/divisiveness is a mental illness/dysfunction. We are all connected. We are all family. There is a lot of healing that needs to take place on so many levels for all, and especially for many. And yes, it is possible and we are capable.

My walk with my dog each day has become a time to walk outside and repeat in my mind and heart the Ho’oponopono mantra: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” To release it and send it with all of my best energy. I say it for myself and all other beings who can and who cannot raise up this level of energy. I say it to clear and bring deeper peace and knowing to my own being and to send it outwards. I say it without guilt and with love and meaning. I say it without fear and with strength of endurance.

I invite you to do similar things when all the pain and conflict overwhelms. For self and all life. For those without voices, for those who are not capable of doing it. For those reeling in pain and wounding. For those in the dark abyss of loss. And so on. This world is changing and we have no choice – change is coming and we will all be swept up in it in some manner or another. Change is inevitable. The physics of every action has a reaction (otherwise known as karma/choice) is inevitable.

Best we unify and find the deepest and truest levels of compassion, action, and most healing mantras we can in order to be the change instead of drowning in it. This is the best way forward. Starting with one’s self and doing the best from that starting point. When strong enough sending it outward for others too.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

~ Chan Sherin

CS Sherin, Wild Clover, Wild © 2016

Photo Credit: Franco Folini on Flickr
Photo color dynamics adpated. Photo Credit: Franco Folini on Flickr. Creative Commons License



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