Wild Clover Events in April!

Wild Clover Events for April 2016 CS Sherin, WildClover.org 03/31/2016 Two Wild Clover Classes in April This April I will be teaching two classes on Green living at our local refill/bulk shop, Full Circle Supply. The first class is Wed. April 20th at 6:30 pm,  “The Problem with Plastics and Toxins, and What To Replace […]

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Best Alternatives to Plastic

Best Alternatives to Plastic CS Sherin/Wild Clover 03/09/2016 Plastic is valued for how light, flexible, and durable it is. Plastic saves money on shipping weight, protects foods, and avoids issues of safety posed by using glass storage containers in bathrooms. Yet plastics, especially single use plastics, are truly the bane of our age. Plastics and […]

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What Is Wrong With Plastic?

What Is Wrong With Plastics? Which Plastics Are “Safer”? The Most Dangerous Plastic. Safe, Renewable, Biodegradable Plastics. by CS Sherin March 3, 2016                 Photo: Kamilo Beach Algalita.org   What Is Wrong With Plastic? 1.    Most plastics are not biodegradable and never totally break down or go […]

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