A New Lifestyle For A New Year!

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A New Lifestyle For The New Year!


A Green Lifestyle Recipe Book by La Crosse, WI native, CS Sherin, will start a simple and meaningful revolution of lifestyle for you, or support encourage the one you have already begun. Chock full of philosophy, guides, tips, common challenges, issues, and positive approaches – this book also provides a solid collection of body care and household cleaning recipes that are Green, thrifty, non toxic, easy, and reduce plastic waste. CS Sherin provides you with techniques and facts that help you to make the lifestyle last, and makes sure you have plenty of ideas and options as you delve into this grassroots movement – with hot tips, alternative ingredients, safety precautions, and backup plans for nearly every recipe. After 8 years of making recipes and depending on them, CS Sherin shares her experience and insights.

In the introduction, CS Sherin gives you the “Garbage Can Challenge” – a technique she discovered that helped her to become more conscious and flexible in shifting ingrained auto-pilot type habits. A Green Lifestyle Recipe Book is a great companion that seeks to encourage and inspire you to stick with it, while facing facts, saving money, and being practical. This book will encourage and inspire beginners in a solid, yet gentle way. In a world that is at a critical point in countless ways, even the simplest of choices can contribute to crisis turning into breakthroughs. This book is in tune with the new era of conscious living, where the average person is discerning, conscious, and uses the many choices of each day to help invest and re-create a kinder, healthier, Greener civilization.

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Available through all major book outlets by January 8th, 2016.
Kindle and ibook coming soon!

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