Roman milestone. Photo Credit: Júlio Reis (@tintazul)
Roman milestone. Photo Credit: Júlio Reis (@tintazul)

Reaching a milestone means that something major has happened or been accomplished. Reaching a milestone may require a lot of work and perseverance, or it comes on its own accord without effort. I have been noticing a lot of milestones popping up on my path lately. One of the biggest in my mind and heart right now is that I am about to reach a milestone I have wanted and have sought for a long, long time. This New Year, not sure of the exact date yet, I will be having a baby!

This baby is very special, as all babies are. This baby is my first book to be published! Oh my! It is exciting, scary, wonderful, happy, and all the many emotions that arise with putting a new creation out onto the shore and into the deep oceanic waves of the human collective – the public.

Soon, I will be posting more in-depth about the new book. You will be the first to know. There are clues on this website, so take a look around. A lot has been changing! This website has a new address and name: Wild Clover! There are pages for Green lifestyle and Green lifestyle consulting services, as well as the Spiritual Care services and Art. You will also see a page for my new Indie publisher department on Wild Clover: Wild Clover Press.

Lots of milestones going on, I am telling you.
Let me break it down in a list. (I think lists can be fun.)

Recent Milestones to Take Note Of:
1.  Last month I saw an artist’s work who gave me hope and spoke to me in a way that inspired my own art and art being. That artist is David Hollington. The last time I felt that way was over 20 years ago at an art gallery looking at one of Renoir’s most vividly colorful paintings and Chagall’s.

2. I created an Indie Publishing Press called Wild Clover Press!

3. I wrote four books and one is going to be published and completely available for all in January 2016. This first book is about a Green Lifestyle. It isn’t the book I thought I would publish first, yet I am really happy it is the one I get to publish first. It feels right.

4. My only (human) child is in high school now. Oh yeah, that is a big milestone. She is an amazing human being and teenager.

5. Loss & grieving: It has been four months since my Boris cat died from cancer. I miss him more than I could ever say. It has been a year since my Abigail cat died from cancer. A year seems much longer now. So much has happened, she seems far away. I send her love. It has been 1 year and 8 months since my oldest sister died of cancer. She is so missed. She had the best way about her. I miss her voice and her sass.

6. This was the first Christmas for our new cats, Winnie and Solomon. Both of them were homeless and outside in the cold of winter before we adopted them. Winnie is like the spiritual cat love child of Boris and Abigail. She looks like both of them and has so much in common with both of them. Solomon is the brother that Wesley always missed and wanted to wrestle and cuddle with. Solomon is also an outstanding being.

7. Our dog, Samantha, is celebrating her 2 year anniversary with us this December. When she was 6 months old she was rescued from a hoarding situation of 42 poor dogs in a shed in winter. A volunteer adopted her, but then had to surrender her 2 years later. That was when we adopted her. We noticed that she has been especially nervous about being separated and away from us, no matter how short. We assure her, with and without words, that this is her forever home. Our little house elf in disguise.

Milestones are the big things that happen in life as you journey on your way along your sacred and unique life path. Some fade away in the distance as you travel at great speed. Sometimes there are enough, or just one, that calls for a pause, a reflection, and an acknowledgement.

What milestones might you nod at along your way and into the New Year?

CS Sherin. Wild © all rights reserved. 



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