Peaceful Warriors of this Time

In the face of darkness, tragedy, insanity, crisis, corruption and senseless violence:
In a heart is…a crackling fire of life, love, passion, ideals, dreams, sacred connections, truth, gratitude. It is lit in silent determination and it burns bright. It tears down and smashes the false thrones of power and uses them as fuel to warm and gather together the hungry, the outcast, the needy, the grieving, the objectified and the victimized…within the heart and outside of it. Sadness and pain dampens it… only to have it burn brighter in memory and action, in time. Seeking each day to be true to who I am. Accepting what is without giving in to temptations to check out. Being the natural, ordinary alchemist, turning fear and darkness into energy and wisdom to choose a higher heart path. A path of speaking the truth of my heart and experience in the strength of vulnerability. Even as my gut trembles, I take that as witness to the strengthening of my core being – as I walk into, through and past fear. I call for solidarity of hope, heart, spirit for all life. My call is united with countless kindred heart calls. The vibrations of our actions, thoughts and hearts cannot be denied. In our small and unique every day choices, actions, thoughts we come together in decency, respect, love, compassion, right action as peaceful warriors in one of many dark and challenging times on this planet. Yet the destruction and darkness is not the ultimate reality. Whether it is empty shoes left in a Paris together to speak when voices are silenced…or the quiet unseen courageous action by one person to choose  healing, joy and fun after decades of loss, trauma & grief – choosing, against the odds, to open a heart that has been taken advantage of too many times. Whether it is alone or together, broadcast or private – no good thought or action is ever wasted! So much Good is going on that is never broadcast, that is never reported and never can be. Yet the energy is present and real. None are too small. Everything counts. Every heart counts. Even if no one sees your healing thoughts, your inspiring actions, your kindness that is shared… The energy is real and has impact. Tiny to huge choices, thoughts, actions and everything in between. They all matter. Don’t let dark shadows trick you into thinking and feeling otherwise. When the brightest lights shine, so then are cast, the darkest shadows. That is a fact. Jung would advise us to face the shadow, to see it and integrate it – in order to be more whole and not at its mercy.

How do I contribute to the shadow? What energy of thoughts, words and actions do I feed on a regular basis? How can I tend to the present moment of my life in true and loving ways for myself and others? What am I avoiding? What must I do to kindle my heart fire of integrity and peace? How do I honor and express my grief? How do I best spread the hope, love, dreams and light I have within – that is my own unique and one of a kind expression – to share in this life and on this earth?

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop


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