Wild Clover

Wild Clover:
Expert, Intuitive, Inspired.

Welcome to my new small business, Wild Clover!
What you will find is – I am doing what I have always done, yet in a more focused, and at the same time, expanded way.
Wild Clover provides you with original art, photography, spiritual care and the Green lifestyle.  Find out more below!


Wild Clover specializes in Art and Nature photography.
The art is whimsical, spiritual and focuses on energy and relationships. The art is both created and commissioned. It is spiritual portraits of you or someone you love or care about, that can include original poetry to go with it. The Nature photography focuses on what is taken for granted or what goes unnoticed. It specializes in macro angles of flowers. The Nature photography is mainly from La Crosse WI and includes other places, states and countries. Poster prints of images, greeting cards are always available for purchase. See Wild Clover shops here.
Right now, I have special limited edition faerie posters for sale, just in time for the Holidays. It is a faerie poster with great joy and strength to give. Please message me with your interest if you are in the La Crosse area, and I will give you a discount on the price if you buy one before Dec. 18th! If you are not in the area, they are available in my Etsy shop. And, more faerie art coming soon!

Wild Clover specializes in Spiritual care. Spiritual Care is for wellness, times of grief, life transitions, affirmation and growth. CS Sherin (Chan) is creator, administrator and independent minister of Wild Clover: Spiritual Care. Chan is a professional, experienced spiritual care provider addressing spiritual needs, care, strategy, best practices, holistic approaches and other spiritual realms of care, growth and wellness. Learn more here.

Green Lifestyle and Book! 
In addition to the two areas of products and services mentioned above, there will be a renewed focus on the practical and spiritual aspects of being Green and living a Green lifestyle. Green lifestyle is: non-toxic, conscious, thrifty, in tune with Nature, ingenious and based on integrity and natural, practical wisdom. Some of you may remember this blog site was first-born in 2008 and was called Moonseeds. It had a distinct focus back then on the Green lifestyle and Spiritually inspirational writing. Wild Clover is the direct offspring of that original inclination, just more unified and more whole. To kick off this renewal of purpose and sharing, very soon Wild Clover will be publishing a new book of Green lifestyle recipes! It will be complete with tips on use, alternative ingredients and safety. And will hopefully go to press in time for the Holidays. This is born from a passion to be well and to be a good steward for the planet and future generations. Our world is in crisis in many ways, and even the simplest of choices – to be Green – contributes to the breakdown becoming a breakthrough!

Stay tuned for more on Wild Clover Recipes, coming soon!

CS Sherin is an author, artist, nature photographer, dream work practitioner, reiki master/teacher, spiritual care provider, Green lifestyle guru. CS Sherin is creator and owner of Wild Clover.
Find her on Facebook at: Facebook.com/WildCloverArt



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