Love, New Vision & Day of the Dead


This post is dedicated to celebration, gratitude and love. The thrilling news is that I have a new camera and it is so much fun, I feel like a kid again. It is a Sony Cybershot RX-100. Thank you, Universe!
Also, my husband and I are celebrating 19 years of being together, starting on Halloween and through the two days of Dia de los Muertos, which ends today. It is a particularly special day for us. Before I met Jeff, I had just experienced a real Dia de los Muertos ceremony in Houston, Texas during my undergrad internship. After we started dating, I saw that he had the most wonderful and artistic Day of the Dead sculptures – and it was such a cool synchronicity for us on many levels, since our first date was on that exact day. Add in the mix 19 years of loving and walking together – experiencing death and loss of loved ones together – and that makes for a deep and meaningful bond each time our “being together” anniversary comes around.

We put all of our beloved Day of the Dead skeleton art  (they are so poetic and not without humor) on our mantle this year and went to Granddad’s Bluff to appreciate the big picture of the place where we met, fell in love, married, bought a house, had a wonderful baby together and so on. Taking the time and space to play, to fill up with gratitude, appreciation, celebration and love is time well spent. Here are a few choice photos from our weekend for you to enjoy.

As always, if you see images you would like to purchase, let me know and I will put them in my shop for you to purchase. Thank you so much. And, enjoy!


Day of the Dead patient and therapist.


Day of the Dead band.


Day of the Dead photographer and model.


Day of the Dead pianist with blue horse and owl.


La Crosse WI on Nov. 1st 2015


La Crosse WI on Nov. 1st 2015


La Crosse WI coulee on Nov. 1st 2015

Chandra S Sherin © 2015


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