A Flower for a Bed & More Fall Colors

This past weekend I saw several bees working slowly into sleep at the center of flowers in the cooler weather. The first year my husband and I started dating, a magical moment for us was an evening walk by a garden profuse with huge blooms. We happened to stop to peer at them and spied bees…many bees asleep in the center of the flower blossoms. That was such a surprise and a sweet joy to see. This Fall the bees are working so hard, right up until they need to go hibernate somewhere. We found one covered in pollen and sleeping and the other working…very slowly. Also found yet more stunning colors to celebrate this Fall week. My favorite is the canopy of colors looking up at a mighty oak. I also really enjoyed spotting all the lovely ginkgo trees in our city (even if they are all males) and one last white flower blooming at the friendship gardens.










Chandra S Sherin © 2015

If you see an image on this site that you would like to purchase as a print, please contact me and I will add it to my shop. Thank you!


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