The Fiery Passion of Autumnal Trees

I am still catching photos of the beautiful Autumn leaves here in Wisconsin. The photos below are from mostly today and yesterday.  I know that I will want to look at these in the dead of winter – to remind myself of the colorful passion that is sleeping below the surface of all the white, greys and browns of winter. I am a poet at heart and the experience of walking around seeing these towering presences ablaze awakens so many feelings in me. Life in this world isn’t for the faint hearted, right? And when I am feeling faint hearted and the world gets to me, I go outside with my camera, or without, and get to Nature. The majority of the time, that is the balm to my heart and soul. If I am feeling emotional or overwhelmed, I go out and look closely at everything and find moments to capture with the camera. Sometimes the results are good and other times, not so remarkable. Yet, the experience of looking closely at the easily ignored every day beauties of Nature brings me back to center and to being real and at peace. There is no price on that.

That being said, I am excited at the thought to get a new camera with better resolution and power. The Canon powershot I have is amazing, but it is getting older and funky. These new digital cameras don’t age as well as the original kind of cameras that take film. So, it is on my wish list! Hopefully the Universe agrees wholeheartedly!

In other news, I am going to be planting garlic this weekend for the first time ever. Hopefully I will do it right and find lots of garlic greens sprouting first thing in the Spring. Wish me luck! What is really neat about this garlic planting is that I got two bulbs through the seed exchange program at our public library here in La Crosse. What an amazing thing they do! Next year, hopefully, I will bring four big bulbs back to help keep it going. Pretty cool!

Without further ado, please enjoy the wildly vivid colors of the autumnal trees in my neighborhood.













Chandra Sherin © 2015


If you see any images on this website that you would like to purchase, please contact me, and I can put them in my shop for you. Thanks so much for stopping by!



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