The Beauty of Fall in Wisconsin

Here I am, in La Crosse, WI, the same place I have lived for the last 24 years. And the season of Fall (When we have the right weather for it, and long enough.) makes for such a stunningly inspiring, poetic, rich witness to the beauty of the seasons and how they change.

This is something that keeps people here, despite the frigid winters. The ritual of the changing seasons is something I would miss if I moved somewhere more mild and temperate. I love the summer, but as an artist and poet, Fall is deeply wild and mystical, and therefore, deeply moving and essential. Remind me of this in the middle of the winter, please. 🙂

Here are seven pics of trees in my neighborhood; highlights from the past week. These trees are in their majesty before they let go and sleep through the cold season – all naked and dormant.

Encountering these kinds of colors in nature from such strong still presences is like having ceilings of living stained glass to walk beneath and peer up into for a short time. They are, at times, as visually playful and stunning to me as gum balls and cotton candy so often has been for children.














If you see any photos you would like see go to print, contact me, and I can add them to my shop for you to purchase.

Chandra S Sherin © 2015


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