Macro Flowers In October

I am welcoming October with the beauty of flowers. They are such miracles of life that communicate to us such vivid proof that miracles are an “ordinary” occurrence in this life. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! I touched a little brown and black caterpillar today, encouraging it to get to the other side of the sidewalk so it wouldn’t get walked on. I thought of how it will change into a moth and how utterly miraculous and mind-boggling that is. It is a simple fact such as that that keeps my sense of wonder and natural magic intact. I never get tired of flowers. And I never tire of looking at them up close, like a bee does!
As promised……
Our hibiscus tree has three new blooms. I told you I would share. So, here is the evidence. Three blooms visible and a bud. Then a close up, followed by a macro of one of the blossoms. Followed by more flower macros.







And, here are more macro flowers for you today! It is a beautiful, delicate perspective for us.
Remember to pause and look closer or in a different way at things that you have looked at before. It can be so rewarding.
And please, if you see something here that you would like to have as a poster or card, let me know! I will put it in my store for you to purchase! Enjoy.







Chandra S Sherin © 2015


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