Goodbye September!

Wow, this is it for September! It has been mild weather here in Wisconsin with some of the most ideal and beautiful days we could ask for. This last day of the month is chilly, for the first time in quite a while. Yet, there is still so much sunshine and lots of time yet to bike and hike till winter makes it harder.

The leaves haven’t changed yet and there is so much to enjoy in October out in nature. Also, this year I have a hibiscus tree inside that is already so happy in her new home, she has 8 buds about to bloom! I am looking forward to that, and will be sure to share it with you.

I just finished a painting/drawing (I usually combine the two) that I am really excited about. It will be in a special showing in November, here in La Crosse, called Pedal Ink at the Pearl Street Brewery. I will be posting more about that in the near future. Please check back or subscribe to this blog to hear more.

I am also working on creating an Etsy shop for my art – in addition to the online shop I already have. Lots of good things are in the works! After the super/blood moon eclipse and all the weird energy from this particular mercury retrograde I am looking forward to things calming down a bit. Are you? If they don’t, I will simply keep doing what I need to do and hold the vibes of presence and love. And retreat as necessary!

Anyway, wishing you warm and exciting Fall journeys. Be gentle with yourself, and enjoy the pics! These are a few recent favorites I captured (with the exception of the macro of the cicada taken by my husband when I was napping) from September.

IMG_6697 copy
Super teensy tiny flowers on the very edge of the highway near our hiking spot.


IMG_6469 copy
Out in the country in the morning. Spring Green, WI.


IMG_6651 copy
Photo Credit: Jeff Sherin


IMG_6472 copy
Morning web with dew & sunshine. Spring Green, WI.


IMG_6475 copy
Morning light on grains of grass and a low hanging web. Spring Green, WI.


IMG_6684 copy
Prairie grass & flowers. La Crosse WI.


IMG_6695 copy
Little pine forest. La Crosse, WI.


Hey! Thanks for stopping by. If you see any images you would like to purchase as prints or cards, let me know and I will add them to my shop for you!



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