A Magical Day

Have you ever had, out of the blue & without trying, a thoroughly magical feeling day? I mean, the kind of day where you stop in the middle of it and ask yourself or significant other: Are we on vacation? It feels like we are on vacation! What is going on with how great this day is?

I don’t know why or how, but I had one of those days this past weekend and I am so thankful for it. The weather was ideal and amazing, even invigorating. Everything flowed together seamlessly. Old feelings of fun re-awakened. Magic happened in the sighting of wildlife. And, all with my best friend of all time, my husband. We did things that we do all the time, but for some reason it felt different and different things happened. There were moments, sprinting after him and our dog along the trail, or wandering non-linearly through the woods, that I felt my inner child beam with joy. We went hiking. We saw an owl! It was the elusive, mostly heard and not usually seen, barred owl. It is the only time I have spotted an owl on my own and then made eye contact with it for as long as I wanted and then some. A louder bird, maybe a jay had drawn my attention upward and there it was, 20 or more feet above me. So, that was an amazing moment and gift. And also, we had no time frame – we could just wander and goof off in the woods and prairie indefinitely. We also saw the biggest bumblebee we have ever encountered. It was 2 inches long, half dozing, half pollinating some ragweed. And, I got some photos on that hike that I am really excited about. Then we took a bike ride and stopped for a bite to eat at one of our favorite local spots. From waking to getting to bed, it was all really majorly GOOD. A day that was savored and enjoyed thoroughly. The next day – I had allergies and our bike ride wasn’t as fun and, well, that full and complete day of nearly euphoric bliss had passed, so all or most all things do. “Back to work. Back to life. You can’t live in the woods…”  – comes to mind, from the musical Into The Woods….though with a bit of a different context. I am thankful for this life and love all the time…am not one to take things for granted. The gift of life is sacred and good. Even the regular days.

barredowl.upperhixon09122015_cssherin copy
The amazing Barred Owl I spotted, and who spotted me! Right smack dab in the middle of the day. Hixon Forest, La Crosse, WI.
barredowl2.upperhixon09122015_cssherin copy
Barred Owl. Hixon Forest, La Crosse, WI. Sept. 2015

So, here are some of the joys from that day, here to share with you. To see more from my magical day – head over to my shop where you can even order your own print to enjoy indefinitely.

IMG_6325 copy 2

The giant bumblebee. The smaller one in the background is average size. The big one – about two inches long.

IMG_6340 copy

P.S.  Here is a link to one of my favorite photos from that day, in my shop. 

Chandra S Sherin; CS Sherin Arts ©


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