Art That Rocks

The bottom three rocks were painted by my teenage daughter. The top three are mine. I added color to them after we got home. I forgot to take a before pic of them!

Art that Rocks! Ha ha. Literally: rock art.
This is pure magic for me because I have a deep affinity for both!

My daughter and I had a great time painting rocks from Lake Superior at Sutra Imports in Dakota, MN this past Saturday. Kim Hammer, the owner of Sutra Imports, supplied us with various kinds of paint and encouraged us to paint designs on the rocks like henna is painted. Kim has created a lush mecca of fair trade from India at Sutra Imports, her local business, and also has various small classes that encourage creativity, relaxation and fun. Her Facebook page nearly always has an event to offer, and really, there is something for everyone.

On Saturday, we each got three rocks of three different sizes. We painted white lines of design of our choice on the rocks. I did also paint one with the indigo paint that was there, and I liked the effect. My daughter is especially good at painting small detailed designs and she got everyone’s attention with her careful skill. When we got home, I began coloring and painting in the designs with color. The results were really fun. My daughter asked me to color hers in as well.

Check it out:

All the rocks colored in.



This is the one that started out with indigo lines. I added the gold and green at home with metallic markers.



The feather design needed more detail, so at home I added some color and some gold to it as well as black lines. The littlest rock that my daughter painted was too sweet to color- had to leave it as it is. 


I can definitely see myself continuing to do this. Really fun. And the rocks Kim provided were amazing.


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