Bee Goddess Painting

I have been working on this painting for a while. I *think* it is finally done. “Bee Goddess”, inspired by a friend who is making her dream of beekeeping a reality. This is also at a time when bees are in great need, so putting them out there with the help and blessing of a nurturing and protective goddess energy is germane. Acrylic and Ink on canvas. 18″x24″

Fun facts about the goddess and bees: 
In ancient Greece the Great Mother Goddess was sometimes known as Melissa, the Queen Bee. Priestesses were called Melissae – Bees. The Great Mother Goddess, the Queen Bee, was synonymous with magic, healing, purity, holiness and renewal.
In ancient Egypt bees were equivalent to royalty. Honey or Bees was said to be the tears of Ra, the Sun god.

Ancient Celts believed that goddess Brigid’s bees came from her apple orchard in the heavens.

Goddess and Bee fun facts sources:
Mirror of Isis
The Bee Goddess Calls 


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