Early Spring Happenings

It was beautiful and in the upper 70’s last week. This week we are back into the 50’s and 30’s at night. That is Spring in Wisconsin for you! Here are some images from the last week around my place (and be sure to read on after the photos):


This wild bunny has been eating our mindfully discarded pear cores. I think that aids in this display of feeling quite secure around us.
Brick road
This is my favorite.

Please take a look around this website and see what I have to offer. I have updated art & prints for sale (my original work) and I have pages for my services in Dream Work Facilitation as well as Editing and Proofreading. I will be adding a few more features in the near future. I am excited about it!  Good things take time…so, I will keep you posted as it develops! Hope your Spring is filled with good energy and that you find a renewal of the kind, passionate fire of purpose in your belly and heart. Despite the cold, that is what I am feeling! Hard work pays off!

Bright Blessings,



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