Active Dreaming

Active Dreaming*

Fortune cookie message I received.
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CS Sherin 03.16.2015

I have had the delight and joy of being in classes led and taught by the prolific and extraordinarily talented Robert Moss, author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home and The Boy Who Died And Came Back, throughout the past year. Robert teaches concepts about dreaming that he created, such as the “lightning dream work” method and the term “active dreamers”. The lightning dream work method has 4-5 easy steps to unwrapping a dream and nearly always contains some kind of action step. Active dreaming is the extra mile that he takes. And Robert lives it and teaches it too. This is not someone just writing or talking about dreams. He is active and thoroughly engaged in the “hard play”, as he puts it, of the active dreamer’s lifestyle. It is his way of life. Dreams are to be acted upon, he teaches. Knowing how and when to act on a dream are nuances that Robert teaches and writes about in-depth and at great length. There are two things that Robert does that really stand out for me as being different and deeply important.

1. Action in life and dreams. It is not enough to dream and understand. One must respond and act in order to affirm, enforce and strengthen the bond of relationship with life, with dream, with the Universe, with ourselves and our subconscious and with the Divine.

2. Robert Moss is living and doing what he teaches every single day. I have rarely witnessed a teacher-leader-writer-dreamer who does this so relentlessly. He is not only teaching all the time, he is keeping a regular and lively blog and Facebook page that note many of his daily experiences living this inspired active dreaming life. And that is what is so good about all of this! He teaches that even if you don’t remember your dreams, you can access dream messages in your daily waking life. He calls it, “Sidewalk Tarot”. And it is the practice of engaging the universe in whatever is going on with you at the moment. If you have a question or if you simply want a daily message from the universe, take a walk or go through your day and look for items, moments, instances that catch your attention…maybe even small things you would normally ignore. Being aware and keeping a look out makes one more open to seeing, I have noticed.

Beginners and anyone new to active dreaming, who are interested in all of this, would probably want to start with Moss’s books: Conscious Dreaming and Active Dreaming.  Though, I could easily say this too: Look at all of his dream books and go to the first one you are most drawn to. That works too. I read Dreaming the Soul Back Home without knowing anything about Robert or all of this and it was the perfect book for me to read at that time. I had many clients who were retrieving child aspects of themselves spontaneously in my reiki sessions with them. Because of that, I had read Sandra Ingerman’s book Soul Retrieval to learn more about it. That led to me somehow finding Robert’s book about soul retrieval, Dreaming the Soul Back Home. I think it was through New World Library’s catalogue. Once I read that book, I thought, “I have never read a more brilliant dream book! Who is this fellow?!” And I looked up his website and found he was having a workshop relatively near me and I went. In person, I found Robert to be more balanced in his masculine and feminine aspects than I have ever seen before; a powerful and powerfully kind and wise leader/teacher/healer. That was my experience. And I have kept going with all the goodness of connecting with a community of dreamers from all over and the way of living he encourages which is to engage our natural magic (through active dreaming and waking dreams lived) in order to bring healing and inspiration to ourselves and others. This is something I have been doing for a long time in my life, but Robert has a wealth of information, wisdom and effective techniques that took me to a new place with it all.

This kind of support and inspiration has been as helpful and nourishing for me as being by the ocean is for a good length of time. And that is saying a lot. I have been a conscious dreamer keeping a dream journal for nearly 30 years. I wasn’t starting out new by any means. And, I can say that suddenly discovering Robert Moss and all of his dream books, workshops and classes last April has been a profound gift and lifesaver! I have often felt isolated from other people who may dream like I do. Connecting with Robert Moss in book form (I have read about 5 so far and have more to go), in person and in tele-classes and with his international family of dreamers has helped me feel, know and interact with my own wisdom and treasures in new ways as well as with my larger soul tribe, the dreamers, or, as Robert has aptly and keenly named it and teaches: the active dreamers….we who not only dream, but act on them.

To illustrate the power of active dreaming, I had a dream such as I have never quite had before a little while ago. I would call the dream,
“Do Something”:
I was in my mother’s basement and saw that the walls were damp and that water was starting to get in. Then I was suddenly across the Mississippi river, seeing that a valve that had held would not hold any longer. I was then back in the basement and felt with great urgency that something had to been done now. I went upstairs and found my mother and told her about the dampness, the wall and the water starting to come in. I told her that it was not going to be ok or get better unless she does something about it. Urgently I pleaded, “I don’t care what you do, but you have to do something now to get it fixed!” She accepted my earnest plead and we walked outside where spring was beginning. She began sharing what I told her with her partner and I walked away, knowing she would do something.

Waking from this dream I felt the same pointed urgency that something has to be done now as I felt in the dream. I felt an urgent need for action upon being awake. I felt it at my core. Mid morning the feeling did not let up. The reality is that there is an issue with water in her basement that was remedied but the remedy didn’t work last year and the person who remedied it was no longer responsive. I had this dream at the end of February of this year, just before spring. Around mid-morning I called my mother and relayed the dream and dream feelings to her. She and I both agreed that we needed to find someone who could fix whatever was wrong in the basement. She didn’t have the time or energy, so I agreed to find someone. By the end of the day I had spoken to many people and through one contractor came a person highly recommended on skill and integrity. He is a person who is only found via referrals with the main contractor, so not someone I could find in the yellow pages or even by word of mouth necessarily. I spoke with him and he told me he is not experienced enough with this kind of thing, but that his brother, a fellow contractor, is. So, then I called his brother and his brother confirmed that he is experienced and ready to deal with such things and that he had just had some work pushed back, so he could come by that night to take a look. By the next morning he was working on the basement for my mother. He mentioned that the timing of my call was critical because usually he is “crazy busy” and would not be able to take this job.

A day later, my mother updated me on the progress. She had told the contractor working on the basement about my dream. Part of my dream focused on a specific wall. She had told him about that. After a day or two of work on the basement, the contractor reported back to her that he would have only worked on the beaver system and the sump pump to fix the issues, but because my mother told him my dream, he started thinking about the walls. He decided to inspect the walls, inside and out, especially the one mentioned in the dream. When outside he found the wall I had dreamt about was compromised and in urgent need of care and repair. He got shivers all over his body. He reported to my mother the urgent state of the whole system, and especially how the dream had drawn his attention to an issue with the wall that was critical, that he would have missed otherwise. He was amazed, as were we! And thankful. We are so thankful for that dream, as he mentioned more than once how important the timing was. And I marveled at the way I had called all day and through a person and another person found a fellow with great expertise in this area of work with a rare moment of downtime just when we needed it!  Both he and my mother were quick to point out that if I had not acted on my dream, the results could have been disastrous.

I reflected that I have learned over time, with practice, to trust and respond to my intuition and inner knowing. The work I have done via Robert Moss’s classes and books has only served to strengthen that lesson into a sure, lithe and reliable muscle.

Surely, it is a miracle, surprising, wondrous and inspiring! It is also the ordinary magic we all have access to, if only we would tap into it consistently, play with it and honor it.

*Active Dreaming is a term and method created by Robert Moss.


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