Divine Connectivity

It is a funny Friday. Friday is insisting I maintain humor, like any good friend would. Morning started without an internet connection. I called the provider and they scheduled a technician to come out. They could only come over at a time when I had scheduled a business/pleasure lunch date. Had to cancel that and re-schedule. Good news was, the cancellation was best for my friend anyway. I emailed by going to our co-op and sending an email (I have republic wireless phone service and only have wifi when there is a router around) while I grabbed tea and bread. Got a call back while walking around the store to re-schedule. Then, I went to a coffee shop to write. The first songs I hear there are by Flight of the Conchords. For those of you who know them, the songs were: “Hurt Feelings” (one of my favorites), “Most Beautiful Girl In the Room” and “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous”. All hilarious songs. This immediately makes me smile and brings that great humor more firmly into my outlook. As I go to work, I am doing follow-up study and response with the online dream community/class I am currently in, led by Robert Moss. Someone in the group shares that their guardian angel is showing itself as a well-known comedian. A couple of us agree that having a guide or angel with an outrageous humor is a great thing. At this point, I am taking a hint as to the flavor of my day, and it’s lesson. I was challenged at the coffee shop, not having earbuds to tune out a loud and fast talker, but made the most of it by sharing on Facebook about it. That in itself was funny for me too. After a while, I went home and found that the internet was back up and running. With that, I then started to deal with Netflix, because it had logged us out last night and we couldn’t get back in. I called Netflix and the music they chose for me while I waited was from one of my favorite and most outrageous comedy shows, “Arrested Development”. Ha Ha! I know when the universe is trying to make me laugh. That was super funny! And the Netflix issue was resolved quickly. Then, I got a call from our internet provider and they let me know that there was an outage in our area due to weather (water frozen on a line only affecting internet), that they had just fixed it and asked if my service is restored now. “Yes, it is.” I answered. And that was that. Appointment for them to come over: cancelled.

There have been a lot of heavy things and happenings to deal with in the past year, much more than I could have imagined. It has been intense and the intensity seems to have been increasing in the past weeks. Personally, one trait I love and appreciate the most, is good humor. A good laugh is Queen and King. Consistent good humor is Divine. It is deep and thorough medicine. Good humor makes you belly laugh. Or, it shifts your perspective and energy to a place that is positive and receptive. Good humor can change your perspective. That is powerful. I adore someone who is intelligent and kind enough to make humor a priority in their way of life and in their communication.

At the same time, I can be pretty serious and focused, so I appreciate this kind of repeated tap on the shoulder and tricky-fun grin from the Universe to remind me of this. I don’t want to work so hard at what is mine to do that I forget there is humor, that I am funny and all the rest of it can be too, in some way or another. Then, when the urgency comes for serious action and focus, it is tempered, tenderized and marinated in a kind of peace that comes from being goofy-wise in a child-like way that hails play and jokes as Divine Connectivity.

Hey, yeah! I like that! Now I really get it! I had all these connection issues. And it seemed that once I tuned in to the humor being provided, all the connectivity issues were resolved smoothly and easily. I dig it. I dig a life that speaks to me in such a good way.

The things that are not working for me right now, or in the recent past – even though I have been doing the consistent and hard work of life, relationships, self and work – are a result of being “not meant to be”, as my daughter has reminded me, or are being re-configured for a better outcome. That means, since my overall life goal is Love with a big “L”, Peace, Goodness, Happiness, Thriving, my unique purpose & Blessings that overflow and benefit me, my loved ones and all I come in contact with…I can trust that I am on the right path (despite all the roadblocks), in the midst of, surrounded by and headed towards all of that Goodness. The bumps, bruises and interference along the way only further qualify me for black belt level skills & discipline in Life and Love, as well as preparing me for an even deeper capacity for joy, love, peace, goodness, insight….all of it.

What makes a peaceful warrior even more kick-ass? Great humor. Yeah. Universe, I am not forgetting this! Thank you! I am thinking of Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2, the animated movies now. Kung Fu Panda One, the unlikely hero, Po the panda is motivated by food, unintentionally child-like and accidentally effective at his ultimate dream of being a star warrior and is the only one who can defeat the worst kind of cruel antagonist, out-doing the most skilled and disciplined warriors of his time. Kung Fu Panda Two, unlikely hero Po the Panda is underestimated again, faces his deepest hidden pain and discovers that with deep inner peace, no attack can harm him. That one brought tears to my eyes. I had dreams of that power of inner peace after seeing that movie. My dream: a stranger breaks in and begins firing bullets at me and my family. I feel a deeply rooted inner peace which allows me to slow down time, see the attacks coming, deflect them without any harm to me or my family. Ultimately the bullets are rendered harmless, however, also there is always the last bullet that “does-in” the one firing them. The underlying and overarching medicine of Po, the panda, is humor that comes from innocence and being exactly who he is and nothing else. He is humor as a gift, as is his voice artist, Jack Black.

People who can make us laugh in a healthy and healing way are sacred. They are medicine people of our time. That is why someone like Robin Williams is so beloved and is given such compassion and respect in the wake of his unfortunate death. He was honest and true and he did it with humor. He was able to walk inside our pains, traumas and everyday life (as well as his own) and illuminate it with the intelligence, compassion and the audacity of radical humor. That level of humor is actually able to free us from the iron bars of would-be oppressors (inner and outer). The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert would be examples of that, especially during the Bush-era. Most people who know me realize that I am not Democrat or Republican. I am Green. So, the comment I just made regarding the latter comedians does not indicate a preference for any dualistic, bi-partisan, super PAC/Corporate run politicians or parties that many have electrifying beliefs attached to. Nope. The point is about the real power and gift of humor. That is it. A comedian is put in the ring to be fed to the lions and ends up making everyone laugh and the lions purr.

No wonder an angel could be a comedian and vice versa. No wonder. That’s all. May you find the funny in your Friday as I have….all your other days too and, when you most need it.

Chandra S Sherin 2014©


2 thoughts on “Divine Connectivity

  1. It’s interesting how the universe sometimes sends us a message when we least expect it. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile.

  2. Wow I cannot believe how like me you are reading the fun stuff in your daily life and the need for laughter which is my best medicine too. I was devastated when the great Robin Williams passed on, He was pure genius but sadly and unknown to us he had a very sad side to his life. I can relate to that as when I am out for a catch up meal with friends from my working days they say they love my company because I make them laugh and I think sadly you do not know the hurt and pain I hold inside and I do not want them to either. I think they love my ridiculous childlike behaviour, a tonic to them so why grow up I say! I must admit I love all animations as they make me laugh no end, also the great Steve Martin I need people like that in my life every day. Wouldn’t that be the best medicine and save our NHS a lot of money here in the UK lol.

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