Beauty Dreams

I love words. I love the play of words. Sometimes words are not enough. And sometimes words are all I have. The title of this post, “Beauty Dreams” is a play on words. Simple things like this delight me.

Dreams are beautiful gifts of this life. We are spirit and light that takes the shape of flesh and bone conducted by chemicals, breath, water and electricity. That is miraculous, wild and beautiful. We dream. We are beauty dreaming. There are dreams of the night, day dreams and waking life that is like a dream. There are dreams of aspiration and dreams of healing. Beauty Dreams.

I framed this page from a calendar. I found it after my husband had taken a similar photo of me in our favorite woods. Art credit: Kristina Swarner from the 2013 Calendar "Everyday Blessings". Quote: Eleanor Roosevelt
This is hanging on my wall. I framed it from a page in a calendar. I found it after my husband had taken a similar photo of me in our favorite woods. It seemed a personal message to me from the Universe – both the art and the quote. Art credit: Kristina Swarner from the 2013 Calendar “Everyday Blessings”. Quote: Eleanor Roosevelt
This is the photo that my husband had taken of me a few years ago. See the similarity? ^_^
This is the photo that my husband, Jeff,  had taken of me a few years ago. See the similarity? ^_^

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In February of this year I had a catalog from New World Library that I would often peruse and dream on. I would imagine my book in it…how that would look and feel. At the same time, I was looking at books actually in the catalog. One that got my interest in particular was “Dreaming the Soul Back Home” by Robert Moss. I had never heard of the author, however the topic was of interest. One, I have kept a dream journal since I was 13 years old. Two, I had read Sandra Ingerman’s book, “Soul Retrieval”, and though it is an excellent book, I found myself looking for something more, as a resource for myself as well as for my clients. In the last year I had been, in my energy work with clients, finding their inner child, or their inner child was being retrieved naturally in the work. That was fascinating and after the book, “Soul Retrieval” had come up synchronistically 4 different times, I checked it out and read it.

Remembering that, I quickly checked out “Dreaming the Soul Back Home” from the library and my great dream adventure with Robert Moss began. So, at the end of February, I finished that book and thought to myself, That is the most brilliant dream book I have ever read. Who is this guy?? I have enjoyed researching and studying Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung’s work, so I didn’t say that lightly. Robert Moss has a way of presenting a perfect balance of scholarly work alongside the mystical and intuitive. It is impressive. So, I looked up his website online and saw his schedule of workshops around the world. There happened to be a random workshop in Madison, WI and I quickly signed up for it. That was this past April. The workshop centered on “Active Dreaming”, a technique, term and approach to dreaming that Robert Moss created in order to bring wisdom and help both to and from the dream self and dream realm for wellness and wholeness. For that workshop Robert focused on a particular and special story of Merlin, as well as connecting to the medicine and gifts of deer and deer energy. We shared dreams, played dream games, looked for messages in waking life, re-entered our dreams together to gain more information and insight and took conscious dream journeys with the help of Robert’s keen guidance and drumming.

It came at a perfect time. My sister was dying of cancer, my dear dog had died of an aggressive cancer that winter, someone close to me became chronically ill, and my business and career future was in question. And, even though I have always been a conscious dreamer, I have not found many around me who dedicate themselves to their dreams as I have. So, sitting in that circle, doing the serious play/work of dreams with Robert and fellow dreamers was resonating and profound feeling of “finding my people”. After so many decades, here was a world of dream kindredness opening up to me.

After that workshop I found out that Robert is a prolific writer and has about 14 or more dream books written. Since that time, I have read Robert’s “The Three Only Things”, “The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead” and “The Boy Who Died and Came Back”.  I am looking forward to reading “Dreamways of the Iroquois” next and am piecing my way through “The Secret History of Dreaming” and “Dreamgates”. At the same time, this past summer, I attended Robert Moss and The Shift Network’s first 7 week tele-class together, based on “Dreaming the Soul Back Home”.

What I have to say about Robert Moss, from the perspective of workshop participant and reader of his books, is that he is a real scholar and real healer. He is a rare kind of  person. He seeks to empower others; opening doorways to powerful and healing places in safe and ethical ways. As someone who facilitates healing and teaches spiritual aspects regularly, I have a high standard and I can say, with complete confidence, that he exceeds my standards and hopes for/of a dream pioneer/teacher/healer. I have never before found myself reading this many books by the same person, that is for sure! Some of his stories inter or overlap in various books, and yet, each is written with a unique purpose and new and valuable information.

As I mentioned, Robert also began offering in-depth tele-classes via Shift Network, which I have taken full advantage of. Currently, I am in his in-depth 6 month tele-class with Shift Network called, “Dreaming Your Soul Into Life”, which comes with an international online community, which is awesome. We just started and will end on April 30th. I look forward to growing my dreams further and living out the magic that comes with that. This may begin to sound like a review or a paid endorsement, but it is neither. It is a report and witness to a great happening in my life and to the beauty and power of dreams and dreaming.

Long story short, one of my long-standing dreams has been to connect with fellow dreamers. And now I have and am. (Though, I am still looking for local dreamers to join me.)  The images at the beginning of this post were a precursor to fulfillment of my long-standing dream. Having found them, I dove in head first and, am swimming through the new adventure where the beauty of my dreams are illuminated by the light of fellow dreamers and by my own empowered knowing, thanks to the brave dream pioneer, Robert Moss.

When my sister died, it was shortly after that first dream workshop, this past April in Madison. I was able, in the time since, to use techniques and information I had learned from Robert’s workshop and books and apply it to my grieving process and my connection with my sister. The books I found particularly helpful so far: “Dreaming the Soul Back Home”, “The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead” and “The Boy Who Died and Came Back”.
I have connected with my power animals in new and enlightening ways and I have a deep and resounding answer of “Yes!” to a great need and question that had grown in me for so many years. It was something like this, but wordless: My dreams are so important to me. Are they important? What am I missing in them? I think there is more to it. Am I the only one?  

With Robert’s clear guidance and teaching, I have written more in my dream journal this year than I have in the past 3 years! I particularly love how he encourages us to create our own dictionary of dream symbols. I love how he tells us that our understanding and experiences and personal meanings are most essential and important. It is powerful to re-enter dreams, alone and with others, and to receive responsibly given insight from others, but there is nothing like giving credence and honor to my own inner symbols, wisdom and experience.  And, I am recognizing, via Robert’s example and teaching, that the messages in the daytime are a dreaming too, that carry messages. That is how Robert lives his life. And, as we all know, the best and most powerful example that can be given is how we live our lives. I have noticed messages in the waking before, but since witnessing Robert Moss via his blog, books, and workshops I find that is more focused and alive through the affirmation of that robust example.

What would this post be without a dream or dreams? There would be no images. There would be no heart longing. And no heart’s longing being answered. Less vision. Less play.

It is snowing right now. The second snow of this Fall and this week. Snow falling symbolizes grace to me. A time of slowing down, reflection, play, prayer, study and insight. Each flake, unique. Like us. Like dreams. Like life. A squirrel stands on the fence, looking at me, pulling its hands in close to its chest. This gesture, in squirrel, means, “I mean no harm. Can we be friends?” I take a moment to reply by bringing my hands close to my heart center and looking at the squirrel directly, a virtual, “Yes, we can be friends. You are welcome here.” A minute later, the squirrel is on the ground helping itself to the peanuts I put out last night.

Isn’t that a beautiful snippet of a waking dream?

“Have you been half asleep?
And have you heard voices?
I’ve heard them calling my name;
Is this the sweet sound
That called the young sailors?
The voice might be one and the same

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
It’s something that I’m supposed to be
Some day we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.”

– “The Rainbow Connection” by Williams/Ascher


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