Divine Connectivity

It is a funny Friday. Friday is insisting I maintain humor, like any good friend would. Morning started without an internet connection. I called the provider and they scheduled a technician to come out. They could only come over at a time when I had scheduled a business/pleasure lunch date. Had to cancel that and […]

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Beauty Dreams

I love words. I love the play of words. Sometimes words are not enough. And sometimes words are all I have. The title of this post, “Beauty Dreams” is a play on words. Simple things like this delight me. Dreams are beautiful gifts of this life. We are spirit and light that takes the shape […]

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Best Outcome

I am working on 4 paintings at once right now. I like to work that way. You could see it as ADD or you could liken it a butterfly that flits from one flower to another in conversation and contemplation. It is such a focused process, these smaller detailed paintings, that there have to be breaks built-in, […]

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