Nature’s Blush of Passion

Fall used to be my favorite season. This year I don’t feel the rapture for it that I always have. I guess I am changing. I am not sure why, but I still  have enough love for Fall to seek to appreciate it. It is a season, in places where leaves change, that is kin to an artist’s heart. Even if it isn’t my favorite anymore, I have love for it and respect. Who doesn’t love the fiery blush of autumn’s bushes and trees?

That autumn speaks with the voice of an artist or poet will always be a reason to be thankful and appreciate it. Today I am posting some of my favorite images from this past week or so, here in Wisconsin. Fall comes as it will. This year, so far, it is mild and true. The sunny days are as beautiful as a cloudy day like this is. Cloudy days seem to make the leaves glow all the brighter and gives reason to sit by a window, in a warm blanket or sweater and read or dream.


One of my favorite photos so far, from a walk today.
Who doesn’t like the fire of a blushing bush or tree?


Milkweed seeds ready to fly, at the marsh.




Photographer’s shadow. My shadow has quite the long legs at certain times of the day, as shadows tend to do. I wish I could shape-shift like that. Like Jake the dog from Adventure Time!

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