Spring Peeper in the Fall

We enjoyed the beauty of the weather this weekend. Heading out of the city and into the woods for a while, we stood under the red oak and then took a leisurely walk around the pines. The pines swayed, moaned and whispered with the wind. We stopped to listen to them. It was beautiful and […]

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Nature’s Blush of Passion

Fall used to be my favorite season. This year I don’t feel the rapture for it that I always have. I guess I am changing. I am not sure why, but I still  have enough love for Fall to seek to appreciate it. It is a season, in places where leaves change, that is kin […]

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What Is It Worth?

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. I had never been there before and didn’t know much about it other than Bob Marley called it home. I was amazed by its beauty. And stunned by the stark poverty of so many alongside the splendor of resorts and wealth. That was the first impression. Then we […]

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Blue Horses

Blue Horses,  Mary Oliver’s newest poetry collection, is officially in stores today. Oliver is one of my favorite poets of all time. I was first introduced to her poetry in the early 2000’s in grad school and found a kindred spirit in her writing. I actually got to meet Mary Oliver when she received an honorary […]

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