Being The Impossible


This was the sign of the day that I came upon yesterday. Was looking for what the universe had to say to me and this was it. It makes me think of the faery card (from The Faery’s Oracle deck by Jessica MacBeth and Brian Froud) called “Undressing a Salad”. It talks about doing the impossible and being impossible. The quote above, attributed to Disney, mentions that this can also kind of fun. This speaks to me of dreams, the big dream, believing in one’s self, leaps of faith, trust and zest for breaking ground in one’s own life. This also speaks to me of not only doing the impossible but the importance of being impossible!

I mean being impossible in a fun kind of faery way that boggles the mind even as it pleases and tickles it. The glee of new ideas, new opportunities, breaking new ground gets me feeling so full of optimism and playful mischief that I forget the seriousness of being an adult. And that is a darn good energetic state to be in when you need to create and get going on dreams and the hard work of play. What some feel and see as impossible is simply an idea that becomes tangible and real in surprising ways for someone else.

What new ground will I cover? What new territory will I discover in my dreams? What will I learn that will suddenly shock me into a new perspective, in a good way? In what way will all this adventure of endings and beginnings in my life right now bring me to a new expression of my purpose and who I am in this life? This is exciting! I feel the fun. And the thirst and hunger for more juicy fun that makes creation a dynamic, crackling, sparkling alchemy.

The message here is whether I feel like I am jumping off the edge of a cliff into the unknown, making my way in the dark at night, or dancing into new life and new approaches as yet unexplored…if I realize that it is kind of fun, that I am having fun and it is ok and good…then, perhaps I will accomplish the feat of being impossible because I am doing the impossible already. Being a phoenix, dancing with the trickster, improvising this life.

What was the precursor to this hopeful, playful message? Giving up. Yep. Which I will address in the next post. Stay tuned.


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