Be Brave

Fortune cookie message I received.

If it is difficult for you to feel you are different, if you just want to be like everyone else, then you probably will not want to hear this message.  Walk away then, and stay “safe”.  If you don’t like being alone or feeling like the odd one out, even in a group of like-minded friends, you will not want to hear this message.  If you are afraid to be noticed or misunderstood, disliked or ignored, you definitely will not want to hear this message.

The fortune cookie said it: “Be brave enough to live creatively.” 

A creative life.  This isn’t about scrap-booking or sharing clever memes, you blessed, earthly expression of the Divine.

This is about listening to that little voice inside you that gently encourages you to: follow your dreams, step away from the mainstream, to live counter-culturally, to paint the big picture, focus in on details of life up close and personal -the way you see it, to sing the odd song, to dress differently, to dance, to make particular and unique choices that can leave you or others uncomfortable, to speak up, and/or to silently live true to your heart and soul truth – your way, thru presence – the living example; and to really see your own beautiful shining soul, to express it, in whatever way your creative life sings.  Courage is needed.  Yes!  Just as creatively lived lives are so desperately needed in this world, right here, right now, each now.

Your courage to be a creative, uniquely expressed you, is a passionate answer of “Yes!” to the present moment, to breath, to life, to all our relations.  It is a “Yes!” to purpose and love.  You are a Divinely inspired creation, and your authentic creative voice will make a difference, does make a difference, shall make a difference, is making a difference.  No matter how small or insignificant you (or others) may think it is.  Your creatively lived life is not comparable to any other life either.  It is unique and singular, and if you are not going to do it, no one will.

Your creatively lived life does not need to be glamorous, high-profile, “liked”, popular, tweet-able or famous in order to change everything.  Yes.  Everything.  It only has to be real.  The real you. If you don’t know who that is, start figuring that out.  That is the best work you will do – beginning to learn about what a trove of treasure you are!

Being boldly you, flowing with the creativity within you, and all around you, vibe-ing on the movements within each present moment can be balm for ages to come.  It can be the medicine for ancestors and descendants, mending rifts and pains you hadn’t thought you could reach or effect.  The presence of someone living bravely, their particular version of a creative life, can be a healing force in the world, that helps bring the whole to greater wholeness.  Each one of us is needed.

What that unique expression of a creatively lived life is for you, is what the world is waiting for. ❤

Chandra Sherin, 2012 copyright. All rights reserved.


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