Deep Breath Sun Beam Moment of this Time

The air is getting cold here, like winter, rather than fall.  Another curious thing, some of my spring flowers have been blooming still, in October, in Wisconsin, despite 30-40 degree night temperatures….the hibiscus had one last bloom this past week, and also the snowball bush had a few as well.  Not sure what that means.  Haven’t seen anymore hummingbirds, but I still have nectar out for them and their favorite, the dropmore honeysuckle vine still has some blooms.

I have dreamt twice now, in the past week or two, of a hummingbird coming to me and resting on my hand and head.  The sounds from it are so lovely. I welcome more of that!  Well, I may post the photos of the late-blooming spring flowers, but right now, I want to share with you the beauty of the sunlight this past week on the forest and prairie on the bluff tops in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Thanks for coming by.  peace and joy to you




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