Eastern Gray Tree Frog

This is an exciting day for me! Not only is a tiny female ruby throated hummingbird drinking nectar right in front me as I write, also today, and for the first time in my life, I saw a tree frog in nature, in person! My daughter and I were picking some rhubarb near the mulberry tree, when she exclaimed, “There’s a frog!” We have lots of toads in our yard and sometimes, not as common, a frog.  I looked and looked on the ground but couldn’t see it. Where? I kept asking. Finally she showed me the frog was on a rhubarb leaf, with another rhubarb leaf draped over it. Samara has some pretty sharp eyes! 🙂 I lifted the leaf gingerly and saw to my great surprise, a tree frog.  They are so awesome with their rounded sticky fingers! And this frog had found its sleeping spot for the day. Nothing I did was going to scare it away.  So, Yay!  I got photos! 😀

Eastern Gray tree frog on a rhubarb leaf in my yard. May 27, 2012. And see that thing on its shoulder. It is some organic thingy and this tree frog even trusted me enough to let me remove it, which I did after the photo shoot.


Eastern Gray Tree Frog on rhubarb leaf in my yard in Wisconsin. 05-27-12


The first tree frog I have met. A very mellow fellow. 🙂


Here you can see those rounded fingers and toes.



5 thoughts on “Eastern Gray Tree Frog

  1. he was super relaxed. even letting me pick something off him. his skin felt super delicate. and checking on him a few times. i think it would feel awesome to be him. tree frogs can fly between trees and climb up glass. 🙂

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