Because of the Rain

Because of the rain last night, I want to celebrate. I am so thankful that we finally had rain! It had become so dry here that the plants that usually withstand drought were starting to flop over and give up.  Before the storm arrived, it was super windy.  I looked outside and thought there was a fire in the neighborhood.  I looked in every direction and it looked like smoke or fog was setting in.  Then I realized the winds from every direction were kicking up the dry land.  “Dust bowl”, I thought. Caring for so many flowers and seedlings, makes one so thankful for the gift of a good long soaking rain.  Every plant today is rejuvenated. So, this selection of photos is to celebrate the gift of rain. I don’t think I will ever tire of flowers. They are as much unexplainable ordinary miracles as we are, as each living being is, as life itself is.

Chives with rain drops. May 2012
The very beginning of the blooming season for the Hydrangea, given a boost by the rain last night. May 25, 2012
Dandelion gone to seed with rain drops. May 2012

11 thoughts on “Because of the Rain

  1. I love this. and I’m so glad I got to sit in a thunderstorm with you! (that was fun, and special for me).

  2. The flowers and raindrops are beautiful and your words remind me to be grateful for this present day.

  3. Thanks Chandra. Yes, I love onions! I have to grow some because I use chives in recipes and it looks like they grow in abundance. Gosh, I’m so used to just buying them at the grocery store and this will be so much better.

  4. Oh! then I am excited to tell you that I just learned that you can keep green onions in a jar in the window and cut off what you want and they will keep re-growing. And chives do grow in abundance. that is for sure! Kind of like mint but more orderly. 😉

  5. chives are very thin and grow in clumps. green onions are thicker green stalks and if you get them at the store they have white root bulbs that you can place in a jar as i mentioned and grow them indoors. 😉

  6. Ah, then I have to say I use green onions a lot when I cook, not chives. I’m going to try that method! Lots better than letting them get soggy and yucky in the fridge. Thanks, Chandra! Have a great week!

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