Roses are amazing, and probably one of the most loved flowers.  I find the wild ones are the most entrancingly fragrant. Red roses are a symbol of love, passion, celebration and commitment. Pink roses are a symbol of joy, grace and thanks. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, happiness and health.     Advertisements

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Eastern Gray Tree Frog

This is an exciting day for me! Not only is a tiny female ruby throated hummingbird drinking nectar right in front me as I write, also today, and for the first time in my life, I saw a tree frog in nature, in person! My daughter and I were picking some rhubarb near the mulberry […]

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Because of the Rain

Because of the rain last night, I want to celebrate. I am so thankful that we finally had rain! It had become so dry here that the plants that usually withstand drought were starting to flop over and give up.  Before the storm arrived, it was super windy.  I looked outside and thought there was […]

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Baby Bunny

This baby bunny was not afraid of me. S/he was only afraid when a robin landed nearby. I really enjoyed this moment!      

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Chinese Peony

I had never seen a Chinese Peony before.  Yesterday I had a great time at lunch hour walking through the friendship gardens in La Crosse, WI, taking photos.  I LOVE peonies.  I find all peonies startlingly beautiful. These were no exception.      

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Dogwood Blooms

The Dogwood is great because not only does it blossom, it bears fruit.  Some of the flowers are already changing into hard green nuggets of berries-to-be.  Other flowers are still in the bud.  

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