Stillness at Center


at center, in stillness, 04-12-12

The daffodils are still being beautiful in the back yard.  I went to get a few shots in the afternoon light and was surprised to find a green bug at the center of one…asleep, drinking or simply completely still at the flower’s center, for who knows how long…all night? an hour? many minutes?  The only thing that made this cool little insect move – was me – moving in way too close for an intense close-up photo.  Even then, there was a peace and calm from that insect.  The insect just walked out of center and rested on a petal, watching me.  What a beautiful symbol that insect showed me.

Insects can be, in dreams, symbols of thought or worry.  Here was this one, resting at the center of a beautiful flower – a symbol of the soul.  There is no time at the center of soul, at the center of being…and no separation…all is one.  Stillness within, stillness without.  The center of being is unchangeable, filled with grace, while everything around it changes constantly.

Please don’t tell me that this insect is good or bad, beneficial or problematic in the garden.  I don’t know what kind of insect it is, and it doesn’t matter.  In the big picture, this planet couldn’t survive without insects, but it could without us (I learned that from my daughter’s National Geographic Kids magazine.)   Here’s another example of why it doesn’t matter.  I don’t like mosquitos. at all.  And I wanted to know why they existed or at least why they must drink our blood.  I found out that they only bite for blood when they are pregnant…much like a human may eat steak when pregnant.  They are not so different or any less vicious than a human.    The insect today, showed me a beautiful truth of being. And I thanked it as it slowly flew like it was floating upward into the sky, like a helicopter seed ascending.

insect on daffodil in our faery garden 04-12-2012
insect watching me, april 12th, 2012
insect about to take off, breaking the stillness - 04-12-12

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