The Last Day of 2011

I have been spending time bidding this year farewell with love and gratitude, while welcoming in the new energy of a new year – 2012.  It has been fun sharing henna tattoos with my friends, family and for myself as well!  It has created a joyful, creative flow around me and within me.   We also had a great time decorating cookies on Christmas Eve (our tradition).  I have even had time to play in the bit of snow we have had.  I have my new boots that are as close to moon boots of my youth that I could find.  They are  slightly sci-fi and so very warm.  I am ready to step into the new year with gusto.  Goodbye 2011, and thank you.

Henna I applied to my left foot to usher in the New Year. 12-30-11
Henna I applied to my right foot to say goodbye to an eventful year and to welcome 2012 properly. 12- 30-11
The awesome cookies my family and I decorated on Christmas eve. 12-24-11
Catching the big snowflakes that fell right before Christmas.

I want to thank everyone who has shown support for my creativity, my voice and this blog (especially George, Cecilia, Eve, Sarah and Emily – who have so faithfully read and commented on this little art blog since I began in the middle of the year. Thank you!).  I look forward to new adventures of creativity in the present moment, starting now. 🙂   And, I really appreciate each of you, and wish for you countless blessings of goodness, love, peace, joy, awareness, expansion, spaciousness, abundant co-creation and inspiration of the present moment in the New Year – 2012!

with much peace and joy,


Ready to step into that New Year! 12- 31- 11

3 thoughts on “The Last Day of 2011

  1. OMG. I love those boots. 🙂 and your blog. and the henna feet (you are very brave to post pictures of your feet… i could not do that, but you have lovely feet – so maybe that doesn’t take as much courage, ha).

  2. feet are pretty personal, but it was such a fun spontaneous thing, I didn’t think of it as such. Thanks Em! 🙂 ps I want to never take these boots off. they are that good.

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