Without Color

When winter settles in, it seems that we begin living in a world of greys and white.  The starkness without all the green leaves me wanting to cuddle on the couch in a blanket!  An artist without color is a not necessarily a bad thing.  Ink drawings can be good.  Black and white photos can be good.  But day-to-day living??  In the winter time it seems the only colorful-ness comes from people and a few cardinals here and there.  This can seem dreary, but in a way, it is enchanting to realize how colorful and animated we are on such a bland, chilly slate.  Things come alive that much more, and the understated colors that still remain in nature seem to mean that much more.  The frozen sleeping bluffs now look like a holiday dream.

Leaves that have held on against the freezes pop with color across a frozen landscape of marsh and bluffs. 12/6/11
The beginning of frozen tundra season here in the midwest. 12/6/11

4 thoughts on “Without Color

  1. This inspires me to put more color in my home during the winter months. I usually prefer dark blues, purples and greens (I’m drawn to night colors for some reason, deep jewel tones) But what’s to say a random pop of bright orange or red during the winter won’t startle me awake? I’m determined to not sleep away this winter. 🙂

  2. I was watching the sunset tonight and I just thought, “dreary, dreary, dreary.”
    Thanks for shining a light on the winter beauty

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