Deep Rooted

I am thinking about trees… mighty they are….what a difference they make – not just with oxygen for us, and all of the scientific reasons, but because of their presence and beauty.  I am thinking of this now because in Wisconsin more than half the trees have let go of their leaves.  This leaves a stark effect on the neighborhoods.    A lot of neighborhoods are not very attractive without the trees leaves filling in the space.  We do not have the quality or seasoned presence of historic structures wherever we turn.  Maybe just here and there.  A lot of neighborhoods have a surplus of homely structures, both business and residential.  I am not saying that we need mansions or wealthy looking structures to create beauty.  There are so many ways we can create structures….  Anyway, I am particularly thankful for trees right now….as shelter, presence, perseverance, rooted-ness and beauty.  I have had a couple dreams lately of the need for deep deep roots.  These two trees from Kailua, Hawaii are massive,  and for sure give me a sense of something naturally great, mighty and well rooted.

Kailua, Hawaii. 08/2010


Mighty tree in Kailua, HI, 08/2010.

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