Theotokos painted for Mr. and Mrs. Rouches of Oregon – Nov. 2010

This photo above is a good example of the colors of the paint (acrylic), but not a good representation of the gold accents.

This photo above is a better representation of the gold.

Theotokos detail – beginning the painting

7 thoughts on “Theotokos

  1. This is wonderful. It’s very much an orthodox painting with a modern balance and feel to it. What did you use for the gold? I’ve found some good metallic acrylics that are meant for airbrushing cars. They work good on canvas too.

  2. As the proud ‘owner’ of the icon, I can say it is even more precious in person….we love it, and appreciate the tender love it represents.
    -thanks and love miz sherin

  3. You’re welcome, I love coming to see your pages! I’m glad you got freshly pressed because I became a fan as soon as I saw your photo of the Hawaiian lizard with the blue eyeliner 🙂

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