Noni Nectar for Green Gecko

Green gecko licking nectar from baby noni fruit. Hawaii, 2010

Madagascar Gold Dust Day Gecko, to be exact.


69 thoughts on “Noni Nectar for Green Gecko

  1. He looks so happy! That picture is amazing, it even has what looks like a boy’s face behind the lizard. It has feet like the geckos around my home. I only wish they had the color of yours, but then I would be looking at them all day long instead of work.

  2. Utterly beautiful photo. But note, that is not a pineapple the gecko is licking. It’s a plant called “noni.” Pineapple grows low to the ground and has long, razor-sharp pointed leaves. Noni, by contrast, grows to the size of a tree and has those lovely shiny round leaves and strange knobby fruits. The fruits are not edible, but are used for traditional medicinal purposes to heal wounds.

  3. This is the most beautiful lizard I’ve ever seen. Love the vivid colors! Keep up the good work, it’s an amazing photo.

  4. Aaaaww….what a cute lizard. The color is so beautiful….good work, Sir.
    This is awesome…..>_<d.
    When i see this pic…dont know why it makes me feel happy…lol

    But btw, it's not pineapple, but it's mengkudu fruit (in Indonesia lang, i dont know what is it in English…:))

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