I spotted this dragonfly motionless on the sidewalk while walking with our dog.  I touched her to move her from being walked on and found that this dragonfly was still alive, but seemingly fading away.  She was clinging hard to the little pebbles of the sidewalk.  Gradually, I got her to let go and ride […]

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A Toad In The Hand

    What is it about toads?  I like them.  Even love them.  They eat tons of mosquitos and gnats, they are mellow and interesting to me.  Ever since I was young I have gone and found a toad to hold for a moment – to say hello to and marvel at.   Now I […]

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Elixir of Inspiration

If you prefer seeing beautiful art all resolved and pleasing, you will want to steer clear of this post.  Consider this fair warning: This post is a disorienting blurring of the art process and life; this is about  p-r-o-c-e-s-s …. ugly, sometimes painful and disturbing – not at all wondrous, neat or framed. At the […]

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