Creative Expertise by Chandra is…

Compelling, engaging, versatile!

Hi, and welcome to Wild Clover!

My name is Chandra (pronounced like “Channing”), and C.S. Sherin is my author name. I am the creator of Wild Clover, the online umbrella for all of my creativity and services. Please take a look at what I have to offer…

If your work, client, special project or organization needs:

  • Specialized Editing
  • Expert Consulting (Ethics, Leadership, Holistic Lifestyle, Creativity, Sustainability, Spirituality, and more)
  • Versatile or Niche Writer who understands your audience
  • Sound Research, Fact and Link Checking
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Photography, Art, Poetry

You will find what you need here, at Wild Clover.

Chandra is dedicated to meeting your goals, engaging your readers, and exceeding your expectations.

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Wild Clover is a safe place

Hate and other unethical, harmful, or abusive behaviors aren’t tolerated or welcome here.

This is a safe space for:

LGBTQIA+ folx, women, Indigenous people, Black people, people of color, and all those who experience ongoing stress and hardship due to systemic discrimination, harm, and/or erasure.

This is a safe space for:

Single parents, immigrants, those experiencing financial stress and disparity; free thinkers; those who are considered “too different”; people of varying size, shape, and ability; and people with special needs and/or disabilities.

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