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The header image on this page is a photo I took in the summer of 2016 of the prairie on the top of a bluff, specifically on the prairie loop trail on the Human Powered Trails of upper Hixon forest in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It is an ever-changing scenery through the seasons, and hospitable to bees, dragonflies, birds, and many beings. It is a path that has taken me and my little family far in connecting to basic value and experience.

Wild Clover, this site, is rooted in love and respect for our mother Earth, for Nature. The diversity and the natural balance and efficiency of Nature reflects great wisdom, natural recycling, efficiency, sustainability, and regeneration. It is also a time-tested reference and model for art and sanity, as well as the holistic interconnectedness of the countless parts that make up the healthy whole. The Wild Clover approach is creative, intuitive, and holistic while also employing critical thinking, ongoing research and use of creative and practical tools and approaches for projects, lifestyle, and wellness.

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Wild Clover is home to CS Sherin, author of Recipe For A Green Life— a groundbreaking holistic Green living handbook and recipe book that helps you transform and Green your lifestyle, step by step. WildClover.org is also home to indie publishing company,  Wild Clover Press.

Creative Services at Wild Clover:
Green Lifestyle advocate and consultant
Writing and editing services
Transformative dream work facilitation
In-depth Spiritual Growth-focused Astrology Reports and Consultations
Art, poetry, and photography requests on a case by case basis, according to availability.

Creative and constructive counter-cultural, holistic, positive-evolution type collaborations are of interest.




CS Sherin (a.k.a Wild Clover, Chan or Chandra) has called the rare Driftless region of western Wisconsin home for over 25 years with great love and appreciation for all its bluffs, rivers, marshes, forests, wildlife, and beautiful prairie. With over two decades of practice in kind and conscious eating, and nearly a decade of experience in exploring conscious Green living and homemade recipes, Chandra (pronounced like Channing) is a Green living advocate and consultant. She is also a poet, writer, editor, indie publisher; digital photographer, artist, transformative dream-work midwife, spiritual-growth-focused birth chart astrologer, and Creative Services provider at WildClover.org. Chandra specializes in creative, practical, and intuitive approaches that employ critical thinking and active research into lifestyle and holistic wellness. She earned a Master of Arts degree in ethical Leadership from Viterbo University, and served as a hospital chaplain for her field work. She is a master/teacher level Usui Reiki practitioner, and has been a holistic practitioner since 2003, and a freelance artist and writer since 1999. In her free time she loves exploring dreams, reveling in fantasy and science fiction, travel, hiking, digital photography, writing, music, dance, hula-hooping, and quality time with animal companions, Nature, friends, and family.

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Green Lifestyle Workshop at the Climate Action Festival This Saturday

This Saturday La Crosse’s 2nd annual Climate Action Festival will take place at the corner of Losey and Main street at First Congregational church. They have a great space with lots of natural light to enjoy all the vendors and the workshops that will take place throughout the day. There will be snacks, and it … Continue reading Green Lifestyle Workshop at the Climate Action Festival This Saturday

The Necessity of Self-Evaluation and Personal Accountability in a Time of Such Great Change and Need

This takes courage, humility, forgiveness, perseverance, bold action, and surrender to what must be done in a time that depends on us if there is to be any chance. Each of us has unique ways to do this, both separately and together.

Guest Scribe at Downtown Winter Open House

I will be at Full Circle Supply (local Green bulk and refill shop in La Crosse) this Friday starting at 4pm to write poetry from your stories of love….for Valentine’s Day or just because.

Love takes all shapes and forms, it doesn’t have to be just romantic or even just about human to human relationships. Think outside the box. It will be fun and interesting, and a break from all the chaos and stress. Come see me!

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