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the wild flowers some call weeds.
Wild clover,
manna for bees.
Wild clover,
purple, magenta, pink, white,
with 3-4 lucky green leaves that delight.
If I were a wild flower,
I might be a wild clover sort of flower power
upon which the priceless bees cleave,
and so reluctantly leave. 

Autumnal prairie, bee clings to clover, October 2016, La Crosse, WI.
Autumnal prairie, bee clings to clover, October 2016, La Crosse, WI.

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Wild Clover is a mobile, freelance umbrella for the business, services, events, reflections, work, and creativity of CS Sherin. Wild Clover has multiple layers of holistic, grassroots, and Green components to offer you. Take a look around and stay for a while. Start a conversation, network, collaborate, share, and take advantage of the unique services, creativity, and products available here. With a visionary core and alchemist’s heart – CS Sherin is founder, director, and creative service provider at WildClover.org. She is also known as Chan or Chandra. Chandra specializes in creative, practical, and intuitive approaches to lifestyle and holistic wellness. She balances intuition and empathy with critical thinking, research, experience, and logic. She is adept at supporting people through transitions, changes, and milestones.  Chandra is a professional writer and author, dream work midwife, life purpose and soul growth-focused astrologer, and Green life advocate. She is also a poet, artist, environmentalist, and animal companion devotee. Chandra has a MA degree in ethical leadership from Viterbo University.  In her free time she loves exploring dreams, reveling in fantasy and science fiction, arranging spaces, music, dance, hula-hooping, and capturing nature photography.

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CS Sherin a.k.a. Wild Clover
CS Sherin
a.k.a. Wild Clover

What I believe:

Life is sacred. Life is a gift.

There is no life without water, air, and Sun. We all have a basic birthright of access to clean, safe, free water and air, as well as reasonable and ethical equity in access to fulfillment, basic needs, and health.

The ordinary is not what it seems. What is overlooked and ignored holds untold beauty and natural magic.

What I embrace: honesty, humor, play, creativity and sacred imagination; positive and proactive evolution, honoring the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine within each being, integrating shadow & light into wholeness, symbols as tools for healing and activation, a personal commitment to ongoing growth and learning, present moment awareness, responsible and creative energy use (literal and esoteric), and seeking holistic wellness, equity, and goodness for all life–in balance and harmony with Nature and health.

I never discriminate based on race, religion/beliefs (unless it is hate driven or cruel), absence of religion; sexual orientation, gender, limitations in physical abilities, or species.

Wild Clover

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Wild Clover is about living a creative life with courage and intuitive intelligence. Creative Services and Green Lifestyle, which I provide here are all centered around the courage and spirit to live life differently–to the beat of your own drum, making what you do an art, a part of your heartbeat, and with your own unique gifts, skills, and experience rooting you in how you move forward. Part of this creativity for me is using symbols as tools to connect with inner wisdom, collective wisdom, guidance, empowerment, insight and so forth. That is what in-depth astrology provides, that is what the Enneagram provides when you delve into it deeply enough, and that is what dream work and angel and fairy oracle cards can provide as well.

I have decided to share the faerie card spread I did this morning with all, for perspective on this upending day after the US election results.

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