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Wild Clover Designs: Creative Expertise

Wild Clover is rooted in love and respect for our Earth and all her various living beings, ecosystems, biodiversity, wonders, and mysteries. The diversity and the natural balance in and of Nature reflects great wisdom, natural recycling, efficiency, sustainability, and regeneration. Nature is a time-tested reference and model for art, creativity, health, beauty, wonder, balance, and sanity.

We are in a tragic period for species, ecosystems, health, nature, and all life. We have lost a lot. I read recently that one in five species now face extinction on Earth. We grieve, on many fronts, on many levels. Perhaps we are at the point of no return. Perhaps there is no hope. Or, perhaps, it is all that is left. Regardless of these ideas, thoughts, semantics–there are countless good people and other beings living in good and better ways. Even though love doesn’t stop destruction or extinctions, it is immense. It is profound. Love and compassion are reason enough to live each moment and day with a tender awareness of the preciousness and uniqueness of life.

And each life is unique and of value, and much is still hopeful mystery! It is reason enough to give to each day what love, kindness, decency, honesty, humor, joy, peace, goodness you can honestly create, contribute, nurture, sponsor, and risk. Breathe, trust your intuition, listen to your gut, and the quiet voice of knowing within…find the space and quiet where you can hear it. Care for your body, honor it. Be brave enough to live your life creatively, and pair it with critical thinking.

I am first and foremost, an artist. Creativity is my medium. Thank you for supporting me–and through your support, you facilitate me being able to do what I do best and make a living at it. I wish that for us all. May our currency be ethical and equitable. May our time be well spent and mutually respected for diverse and myriad expressions. While I am an artist at core, I am also at core, a being who wishes to share, assist, and contribute to health, balance, equity, and positive growth. Both creativity and service are present at root level in Wild Clover Designs.

Co-creative collaboration, independent assignments, and commission requests are welcome.

Peace and long life,
CS Sherin of Wild Clover Designs

Wild Clover Designs
Creative Expertise

Wild Clover encompasses the enterprises of author, artist, photographer, sustainable living advocate, and small business owner CS Sherin (Chandra).

Recipe For A Green Life
Writing, editing, and research projects
Art, poetry, photography
Art lessons
Wild Clover deodorant
Wild Clover Press

Other places you can find me:
Art and photography: Facebook.com/windywildclover
Chan_Dreams on Instagram
@recipe4green on Twitter


Photo credit: CS Sherin



CS Sherin (a.k.a Wild Clover, Chan, or Chandra) author of Recipe For A Green Life: A Holistic Green Living Handbook and Recipe Book (Edited by Charish Badzinski, published by Wild Clover Press: 2017), has called the rare Driftless region of western Wisconsin home for over 25 years with great love and appreciation for all its bluffs, rivers, marshes, forests, wildlife, and beautiful prairie. With over 20 years of practice in kind and conscious eating, 15 years of organic yardening and composting, and about a decade of experience in exploring conscious, Green lifestyle practices and recipes, Chandra (pronounced like Channing) is a holistic sustainable living advocate, poet, artist, photographer, and lifelong learner. CS earned a Master of Arts degree in ethical Leadership from Viterbo University, and served as a hospital chaplain for her field work. She earned two BA degrees in Ministry and Studio Art, and served as an intern at Casa Juan Diego in Houston, Texas for her field work in Ministry. She has been a commissioned and freelance artist since 1999 using various mediums and formats from drawing, painting, and mixed media to indoor murals. She considers creativity and art a sacred act of insurrection in favor of life, healing action, and love. CS is also a M/T level Usui Reiki practitioner, and was a holistic spiritual caregiver and advisor from 2003-2016. In her free time she loves exploring dreams, reveling in fantasy and science fiction, travel, hiking, photography, writing, research, music, humor, dancing, and quality time with animal companions, Nature, friends, and family.



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