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Beyond the Division. Unify. Choose to be the Change. Awaken Compassion.

Beyond the Division. Unify. Persevere. Process the Feelings. Breath. Act Creatively. Choose to be the Change. Awaken Compassion. by CS…

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Green Lifestyle Class on June 25

Green Lifestyle Class on Saturday June 25th at 1pm. Hosted by Full Circle Supply, 531 Main St. La Crosse, WI. Author of A Green Lifestyle Recipe Book, Chan Sherin, will make homemade deodorant and tooth powder. You take home samples and learn how to live a Greener lifestyle without toxins and plastics. $10 per person….

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Green Living Lifestyle Changes: Past/Ongoing, Present, and Future Goals

I recommend that anyone who is fielding major and ongoing positive lifestyle changes make a list similar to this one. Identify what you have implemented in the past and continue to implement, what you are presently working on changing and adapting, and what goals you have in your mind’s eye as goals you are working towards. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be honest …….

Wild Clover Events in April!

Wild Clover Events for April 2016 CS Sherin, 03/31/2016 Two Wild Clover Classes in April This April I will…

Toothpaste Recipe Eliminates Toxic Ingredients, Plastic Waste, and a Toothbrush to Match

1. Eliminate toxic/bad and other unwanted and unnecessary ingredients.
2. Simplify.
3. Reduce Cost and Waste.
4. Aim to Eliminate Single Use Plastic Waste.

Any time I make a recipe these are my goals. Number one is easy to achieve in most instances.


2016: The Year of Revelations and What To Do About It

Happy Friday! Grab a cup of tea and let’s really dig in and talk about life right now…. 2016 THE…


A New Lifestyle For A New Year!

A Green Lifestyle Recipe Book by La Crosse, WI native, CS Sherin, will start a simple and meaningful revolution of lifestyle for you, or support encourage the one you have already begun. Chock full of philosophy, guides, tips, common challenges, issues, and positive approaches – this book also provides a solid collection of body care and household cleaning recipes that are Green, thrifty, non toxic, easy, and reduce plastic waste. CS Sherin provides you with techniques and facts that help you to make the lifestyle last, and makes sure you have plenty of ideas and options as you delve into this grassroots movement – with hot tips, alternative ingredients, safety precautions, and backup plans for nearly every recipe.


Wild Clover

Wild Clover: Expert, Intuitive, Inspired. Welcome to my new small business, Wild Clover! What you will find is – I…