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The header image on this page is a photo I took in the summer of 2016 of the prairie on the top of a bluff in my city. It is an ever-changing scenery through the seasons, and hospitable to bees, dragonflies, birds, and many beings. It is a path that has taken me and my little family far in connecting to basic value and experience.

Wild Clover is the name my husband lovingly calls me. Wild Clover, this site, is rooted in love and respect for our mother Earth, for Nature, for habitats and all the creatures and beings that make our habitats thrive. We are all inter-connected. The diversity and the natural balance and efficiency of Nature reflects to us great wisdom, natural recycling and regeneration, reference for art and sanity, and the countless parts that make a healthy whole. My approach to most things is holistic and creative. This means that I don’t just talk about one thing exclusively. I weave many things together as they are all a part of the journey to wholeness, consciousness, and health. Dreams, astrology, Green lifestyle, writing, publishing, reflections on spirituality, philosophy, and ethics, poetry, photography, and other creative ventures and awareness are all topics I venture into. And many of those topics naturally connect to others. For example, when we talk about Green living, the understanding is that Green values is an honoring and ethical stewardship for the value of all life. It follows then, that the subject encompasses grassroots Green actions on a personal level, collective, and extends into avenues of business, activism, environmentalism, human and animal rights, and health concerns that go beyond boundaries of self-proclaimed labels that are derived from a set of beliefs or political views. These Green issues and actions go beyond and can even bridge any labels into the very basic and necessary focus of: survival (with health, ethics, and equity). As the water protectors of Standing Rock, ND state and stand by with their lives, as we all have need to do: There is no life without water. This is fundamental rational thought and action. We must protect and renew our water, air, soil, and access to free healthy forms for all life, present and future. Beyond these pressing issues, I am simply a creative disciplined nature spirit type human wishing to find self-expression and share my gifts and skills in the many ways that can and may do justice to the present moment, who I am, and the needs of the time. Thanks for stopping by.

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Wild Clover–Creative Services, Green Lifestyle– is a mobile freelance umbrella business created and run by CS Sherin, author of Recipe For A Green Life— a groundbreaking 450 page guidebook and recipe book that helps you transform your life step by step.

Green Lifestyle advocate and consultant
Green products 
Writing and editing services
Transformative dream work facilitation
In-depth Spiritual Growth-focused Astrology Reports and Consultations

Art, poetry, and photography commissions and requests are on a case by case basis, and will be considered according to current schedule and availability.

Creative and counter-cultural positive evolution type collaborations are of interest.


With a visionary core and an alchemist’s heart – CS Sherin is founder, director, editor, and creative service provider at WildClover.org and author of Recipe For A Green Life (pending release tba). CS, also known as Chan or Chandra, specializes in creative, practical, and intuitive approaches to lifestyle and holistic wellness. She balances intuition and empathy with critical thinking, research, experience, and logic. CS has over two decades of practice in kind and conscious eating, and nearly a decade of experience in exploring conscious Green living and homemade recipes. She is adept at supporting people through transitions, changes, and milestones, and is also a poet, artist, dream work midwife, and spiritual growth and purpose-focused astrologer.

CS is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, survivor, spiritual guide, teacher, artist, poet, writer, author, and dreamer.
CS holds a Master of Arts degree in ethical Leadership and a BA in Studio Art and Ministry from Viterbo University. She is a certified Usui Reiki master/teacher and holistic spiritual practitioner and advisor since 2006. She completed 2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education acting as a hospital chaplain in 2005-07, and has been a legal Celebrant for both weddings and other ceremonies since 2014, though she did officiate for a funeral and memorial services, per request, in the early years of CPE training as well. She has been studying astrology for decades and began spiritual growth-focused reports and consultations in 2011. CS served two years in a local AmeriCorps where the focus was on serving at-risk youth, and spent much time serving and working in retreat centers and homeless shelters in her teens and early twenties. CS has been creating art by commission since 1999; writing poetry, researching the esoteric and spiritual, and dream journaling for nearly 30 years. She has had a year of in-depth dream work training with Active Dreaming pioneer, Robert Moss, and continues to be engaged in active dream work daily. In her free time she loves exploring dreams, reveling in fantasy and science fiction, travel, hiking, digital photography and telling stories, the strange and unique, arranging spaces, music, dance, hula-hooping, fun with friends, kids, husband, animal companions, Nature and family.

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What I believe:

Life is sacred. Life is a gift.

There is no life without water, air, and Sun. We all have a basic birthright of access to clean, safe, free water and air, as well as reasonable and ethical equity in access to fulfillment, basic needs, and health.

The ordinary is not what it seems. What is overlooked and ignored holds untold beauty and natural magic.

What I embrace: honesty, humor, play, creativity and sacred imagination; positive and proactive evolution, honoring the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine within each being, integrating shadow & light into wholeness, symbols as tools for healing and activation, a personal commitment to ongoing growth and learning, present moment awareness, responsible and creative energy use (literal and esoteric), and seeking holistic wellness, equity, and goodness for all life–in balance and harmony with Nature and health.

I never discriminate based on race, religion/beliefs (unless it is hate driven or cruel), absence of religion; sexual orientation, gender, limitations in physical abilities, or species.

CS Sherin
Wild Clover

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Love takes all shapes and forms, it doesn’t have to be just romantic or even just about human to human relationships. Think outside the box. It will be fun and interesting, and a break from all the chaos and stress. Come see me!

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