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the wild flowers some call weeds.
Wild clover,
manna for bees.
Wild clover,
purple, magenta, pink, white,
with 3-4 lucky green leaves that delight.
If I were a wild flower,
I might be a wild clover sort of flower power
upon which the priceless bees cleave,
and so reluctantly leave. 


~ CS Sherin, WildClover.org
2016 ©

Creative Services, Green Lifestyle
Chan (aka Wild Clover, aka CS Sherin) specializes in creative, spiritual, symbolic, dream-connected, practical, and intuitive approaches to lifestyle, spiritual path, and holistic wellness. She balances intuition and empathy with critical thinking and logic. She is adept at supporting people through transitions, changes, and times of need. She is experienced in guidance for spiritual growth, new perspective/approaches, and for times of retreat and re-centering.

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Chan (CS Sherin) is an author, poet, artist, astrologer, holistic & creative spiritual care practitioner, and Green lifestyle enthusiast. With a visionary core and alchemist’s heart – Chan is creative director & enterprising provider of Creative Services, Green Lifestyle at WildClover.org. In her free time she loves hula-hooping, scrabble, time to research various topics, arranging spaces, writing, website content, music, humor, hiking, time with family, animals, nature, and friends; and nature photography.

Chan has written poetry, been practicing nature photography, dream journaling, arranging spaces for best energy flow, researching the spiritual, mystical and esoteric; and drawing since she was twelve years old. These have been constants of her path that have stood the test of time –  3 decades so far.

Chan, Wild Clover
Chan, Wild Clover

You can also find Chan (CS Sherin) at
Chan_Dreams on Instagram, SeaMoonSong on Youtube,
 @WindyWildClover on Twitter and Facebook

No matter what my work is or what I am doing, at my core I am a visionary, an artist, an elemental, a writer and poet. My heart and soul are in joy when there is harmony and balance with Nature, wise humor, resources, inner child, with animals and children, peace, play, presence, creativity, compassion in action, beauty, and animals. 

What I believe: Life is sacred. Life is a gift. The ordinary is not what it seems. What is overlooked and ignored holds untold beauty and natural magic. Kind, wise, and ethical stewardship and right relationship (balance, respect, and harmony) with Nature: resources, habitats, people, earth and all other beings is to be in harmony with the Sacred and to dwell with inner Peace.

What I embrace: honesty, humor, play, creativity and sacred imagination; positive evolution, honoring the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine and within each being, integrating shadow & light into wholeness, symbols as tools for healing and activation, personal commitment to ongoing growth and learning, present moment awareness, responsible and creative energy use (literal and esoteric), and holistic wellness for all life.

I will never discriminate based on race, religion/beliefs (unless it is hate driven or cruel), absence of religion; sexual orientation, gender, or species.

Wild Clover


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