Wild Clover means Creative Expertise.
Creative expertise by Chandra is…

Compelling, engaging, versatile!

Hi, and welcome to Wild Clover!

My name is Chandra (pronounced like “chant”), and C.S. Sherin is my author name. I am the creator of Wild Clover, which is the online umbrella for my creations and services. Please take a look at what I have to offer…

If your work, client, special project or organization needs:

  • Specialized Editing
  • Expert Consulting (Ethics, Leadership, Holistic Lifestyle, Creativity, Sustainability, Spirituality, and more)
  • Versatile or Niche Writer who understands your audience
  • Reliable Research for content
  • Simple and fast Desktop Publishing
  • Photography, Art, Poetry

You will find what you need here, at Wild Clover.

Chandra is dedicated to meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations.

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